The Celebreak World Cup in Barcelona is, as the name says, a smaller version of our big events CeleBreak with Barça and CeleBreak with Real. But that doesn’t mean that the participating teams get less. It is a one-day CeleBreak experience and starts with the football tournament in the afternoon and ends at night with clubbing in one of the best nightclubs in the city. For one day we still manage to come up with the three main elements of our CeleBreak Tournaments: Traveling, Playing Football and Celebrating in Barcelona. Today I’ll be writing about the Mini CeleBreak Cup CeleBreak just had on Monday, June 5th.

On June 5th the Mini Celebreak Cup, was held at a premier location in Barcelona, which is called Agapito Fernández. Considered one of the best football pitches in Barcelona. The Mini CeleBreak Cup is 7-a-side match that lasts 20 minutes. The tournament consisted of four groups with four teams in World Cup Barcelonaeach group. With our luck the USA was placed in “the group of death” which was paired with France, Germany, and Venezuela some of the best teams in the tournament. But that didn’t matter we still managed to win the group after fellow colleagues joked and said we wouldn’t get out of group play. All throughout the day the atmosphere was ecstatic, just because it’s a “mini” CeleBreak tournament it doesn’t mean that the competition is any less than the other events. Every team had several elite amateur players that had a passion for the game of football. Many of you all may think that 7v7 is easy, but its not. Try playing continuous football with each team trying to win so they can advance to the next round. Each team is guaranteed 3 games and then the winner and the runner-up of each group advance to the quarterfinals. From quarterfinals and on if you lose you’re out of the tournament, which means everyone plays as hard as they can.

Being apart of the Mini CeleBreak Cup event the turn out was incredible; the bleachers were full even until the final. Spirits were high even if a team lost because that’s what football is; it’s about coming together and displaying your talents. If someone had a good goal people would applaud the player who scored the goal. Below I’m going to post the results of the tournament. Although I represented the USA, my team and I were glad with what we accomplished. Everyone counted us out because when was the last time the US was actually somewhat competitive in football? We ended up making it to the final and losing to the United Nations, unfortunately that’s not the result we wanted but I couldn’t complain because I was playing the sport that I love and so was everyone else. You win some and you lose some, but at the end of the day football brings everyone together. Congratulations to the United Nations for being the winners of the Mini CeleBreak Cup! Below are the Mini CeleBreak Cup and the results presented by CeleBreak.



Field 1 Result Field 2 Result


Italy : Peru 2:3 India : England 0:4


United Nations : Brazil 4:0 China : Turkey



Spain : Chile 3:3 Mexico : Iceland



Germany : Venezuela 3:3 USA : France



Italy : India 2:4 Peru : England



 United Nations : China 2:0 Brazil : Turkey



Spain : Mexico 7:2 Chile : Iceland



Germany : USA 2:2 Venezuela : France



England : Italy 1:0 India : Peru



Turkey : United Nations 0:1 China : Brazil



Iceland : Spain 0:1 Mexico : Chile


16:35 France : Germany 0:0 USA : Venezuela



17:15 Q1/Q2

England : Brazil 3:1 UN : Peru 4:2
17:40 Q3/Q4 Spain : France 3:4 USA : Chile



18:15 S1/S2

England : USA 0:1 United Nations : France

0:0 (17:16)

        THIRD PLACE      


England VS. France



19:05 USA VS. United Nations



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