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Daniel Foth

Already as a kid Daniel was demanding the ball at his feet and football always shaped a big part of his life – either wise as a player and as a passionate fan.

He played in the highest youth football divisions back in Germany and pretty much spent almost every day of the week on the football pitch either in the club team or with friends just kicking the ball.

After completing his Economic studies, he worked for Lufthansa for 3 years in which he founded a Lufthansa Football Club, with which he went on many international amateur football tours combining travel, football and getting to know people from all over the world with the same passions.

Around the same time, he and 4 of his friends came up with the idea for the World Aviation Football Cup, which attracted 32 teams from around the world. They also managed to convince Manuel Neuer to be the patron.

Organizing events that combine football and the social life around football became his new passion and in order to push it to a higher level FC Barcelona had to be contacted in order to organize a football weekend in Barcelona – out of which CeleBreak resulted.

Daniel moved then to Barcelona to complete an Executive MBA at the ESADE Business School,where he further developed the idea for CeleBreak and made his passion for football. also his job and life.

CEO & Co-Founder


COO & Co-Founder


Sebastian Foth

As Sebastian’s love for football developed, he also developed a love for keeping the ball glued to his left foot. In fact, it got to the point where he hated being without it and would quickly lose his temper if he lost the ball, leading to a slightly egotistic playing style as he became top scorer in a number of youth leagues.

This didn’t go unnoticed, as he then went on to play for popular teams from the Frankfurt region: Darmstadt 98, FSV Frankfurt and Kickers Offenbach. Unfortunately, he didn’t quite make it as a professional, and like Daniel it was of course due to his studies and love of partying, but his passion for football also never stopped.

Sebastian played all during his studies for amateur football clubs, which helped to pay for his parties. Amongst his friends, he was always the one organising the birthday parties, nights out and weekend tours with friends, meaning his position Chief Event Organizer for CeleBreak is perfect for him!

Gabriel Fustero Fernández

Daniel and Sebastian’s cousin Gabriel was practically born with a Raúl González poster above his bed. Why did he admire Raúl? For being such a hard working and talented player, who was loyal to Real Madrid and always fought and sacrificed himself for his teammates, the fans and the club in general. Raúl was friendly and proud of being a Madridista. He was a true fan favourite.

All of those qualities can also be used to describe Gabriel perfectly and although it may not be as good as Raúls was, he is equally as two-footed as the Real legend!

His current position as Creative Director at CeleBreak is perfect for him. He’s a social media addict who has probably already seen any crazy or impressive viral football video you can think of. If you ever need inspiration, ideas or creativity then Gabriel is your man. In fact, whilst his cousins Daniel and Sebastian tried to make analytical and rational decisions on how to brand the company, Gabriel just came up with the whole CeleBreak brand without long thinking!

CMO & Co-Founder


Play on official training ground FC Barcelona

Head of Sales & Marketing


Guillaume Druais

Positioned as a goalkeeper since a very young age, it is certainly there where Guillaume developed his sense of communication by organizing his defenders through the countless football games on the city fields of the suburbs of Paris!

Born with a strong will to discover, he left his soccer cage to explore the field where he became an excellent defender. Later, at the end of his studies, he decided to discover Europe and left his native country. He went to Austria, Vienna, then to Spain, Barcelona, where his master’s in economics and his 4 spoken languages brought him naturally to an international firm like CeleBreak.

Guillaume is not only a good team player on the field but also in the office. His global vision, his outstanding ability to communicate and his love for football fit perfectly to the company and it looks like the position of Head of Sales & Marketing was made for him!

Scott Haile

Scott started playing soccer at the age of 8, it was his first ever coach that got him to love what is called the beautiful game.  Having played every position on the field, he normally plays center mid or defense.  He is a very positive influence on and off the field. Scott comes from Yuma, Arizona a small town in the United States.

He has played division 2 soccer at his university and at the Semi-professional level. In 2015 he came to visit Barcelona and it was love at first sight. It was then when he met CeleBreak.  Having studied Sports Management and having some experience in organization, it was a perfect match for both Celebreak and Scott as Head of Organization.

Scott Haile

Head of Football Operations


Sponsors & Partners

Why sponsor Celebreak?

Well, CeleBreak gives you the opportunity to connect and engage customers on a wider spectrum. Our main target markets span wide from different ages, nationalities and professions. Therefore, our aim will be to market our packages on a broad spectrum of distribution points. We will look to link up with travel agencies, amateur football league representatives and travel & sport media.

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