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Daniel Foth

Already as a kid Daniel was demanding the ball at his feet and football always shaped a big part of his life – either wise as a player and as a passionate fan.

He played in the highest youth football divisions back in Germany and pretty much spent almost every day of the week on the football pitch either in the club team or with friends just kicking the ball.

After completing his Economic studies, he worked for Lufthansa for 3 years in which he founded a Lufthansa Football Club. Around the same time, he and 4 of his friends came up with the idea for the World Aviation Football Cup, which attracted 32 teams from around the world. They also managed to convince Manuel Neuer to be the patron.

Organizing events that combine football and the social life around football became his new passion. Moving to Barcelona, he didnt know where and with whom to play football – out of which CeleBreak resulted.

CEO & Co-Founder

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COO & Co-Founder

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Sebastian Foth

As Sebastian’s love for football developed, he also developed a love for keeping the ball glued to his left foot. In fact, it got to the point where he hated being without it and would quickly lose his temper if he lost the ball, leading to a slightly egotistic playing style as he became top scorer in a number of youth leagues.

This didn’t go unnoticed, as he then went on to play for popular teams from the Frankfurt region: Darmstadt 98, FSV Frankfurt and Kickers Offenbach. Unfortunately, he didn’t quite make it as a professional, and like Daniel it was of course due to his studies and love of partying, but his passion for football also never stopped.

Sebastian played all during his studies for amateur football clubs, which helped to pay for his parties. Amongst his friends, he was always the one organising the birthday parties, nights out and weekend tours with friends, meaning his position Chief Event Organizer for CeleBreak is perfect for him!

Lewis Black

A lifelong Manchester City fan, Lewis grew up watching and playing football in northern England. He found the perfect mix at Celebreak combining football with his other passion: making cool products.

He graduated in Mathematics from Manchester and in his spare time is active in the Barcelona software community. If he wasn’t passionate for building apps enough, earlier this year he flew to California and won a government hackathon in Silicon Valley.

CTO & Co-Owner

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Brit Hermans

Head of Business Development

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Brit Hermans

Brit have always had a strong passion for football. She started playing at the age of five as the only girl among boys and made it to playing on a national level of women’s football. She studied psychomotor therapy at the University of Human Movement and Sports and worked for 7 years as a psychomotor therapist. During this time, she also trained a girls’ football team.

Brit loves to travel and meet other cultures, enjoys the sun and being outdoors, which is why she moved from The Netherlands to Barcelona. She is a team player that loves to be around people and takes pleasure in developing relationships.

Her enthusiasm for football and her social nature made her a perfect candidate fordeveloping CeleBreak’s women’s community. She made it possible for women to play in all-women’s games and tournaments, which was not offered before she arrived. Her role at CeleBreak is developing partnerships and expanding the community of football players.

Sponsors & Partners

Why sponsor Celebreak?

Well, CeleBreak gives you the opportunity to connect and engage customers on a wider spectrum. Our main target markets span wide from different ages, nationalities and professions. Therefore, our aim will be to market our packages on a broad spectrum of distribution points. We will look to link up with travel agencies, amateur football league representatives and travel & sport media.

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