5th Match Day – Happy Birthday!! On our fifth league day, we had two birthday players competing with all they got in the games. All the best for you two, Anaïta and Yazeed! Great to have you with us! Due to tournaments on our regular football field, this time we played at Agapito Fernandez, the beautiful pitch at the beach.

For a few team members of Team Third Half, it was a bit difficult to coordinate this change of the pitch and thus arrived late or not at all to their match against Team Potato Head. Therefore, the game turned out to be more of a practice match due to a lack of players, with Potato Head even being so nice to lend a few players to their opponents. Birthday boy and captain of Potato Head Yazeed was in extra strong shape that day (see picture of his “Physical Ambition” below). However, in the whole nature of the game was rather laid back with a 3-0 victory granted for team Potato Head for being on time, complete and supportive.

The next match was carried out between the Vikings against Beerrussia Dortmund. The Vikings started out strong with two goals within the first minutes by top striker Filip. Beerussia played well as a team throughout the whole game with Zara as an outstanding defender and Anand playing up top. Despite many attacks of the Beerrussias, they still had trouble passing through the Viking’s defensive line standing strong by Abdel and Sanna. Neither could they stop the Swedish midfield nor forwards from scoring, so the game ended with an impressive 8-1 victory for the Vikings.

Barely Legal vs the All-Star team – the match to watch. Undefeated vs undefeated and the prize for winning was to climb on 2nd place in the league. The match started tough, lots of shots towards each goal and until min 14 the score did not change; A pass between the lines left Andrew from Barely Legal all alone in a one on one with the goalkeeper. 5 min later a ball was lost just in front of the goal of the All Stars and was shot quickly by Sam, 2-0! The second half started with one more goal from Barely Legal. But the response of the All-Stars was to tie the game throughout the next 15 minutes, 3-3, scored among others by Christoph. However, it seemed like Barely Legal had a stronger victory-will on that day and countered impressively quickly with three more goals to win the match 6-3. Congrats Barely Legal!

Probably the most nerve-racking game of the match day was carried out between Las Agapitas and Carajillo Sporting. Las Agapitas started out extremely strong marking 5 goals, strongest striker being Edgar, new team player from Las Agapitas. However, the Carajillos fought back scoring 4 goals themselves. In the second half poor guest player Otis helping out Las Agapitas got hit strongly in the face by the ball and was out for the rest of the game. Luckily, Las Agapitas were well “equipped” and had enough players to fill the gap on the pitch. Also, EL PORTERO Javi the number 1 held the ball with everything he got (including with his face). What a keeper!! =) Goals kept being marked throughout the game, so five minutes before the end the score was 6-6. But then – Booom! Edgar the team’s new comer rose up for a beautiful head kick to bring the 7-6 victory for Las Agapitas. What a game!