Experiencing the outdoors is lots of fun when you are able to find the right things to do.  Many people think there is nothing to do in Frankfurt due to all the skyscrapers and buildings.  However, outdoor activities in Frankfurt are easily reachable due to many being done and located near the city.  At CeleBreak, we love being active and exploring as much as we can.  When we are not on the pitch, we are out seeing what the city has to offer.  Here’s a list to help you decide on what outdoor activities you should do in Frankfurt.

Climbing Taunus Forest

Frankfurt - Climbing Forest Taunus

Take your adventures in the forest to new heights. Taunus is a high ropes course in the treetops located 33 minutes from Frankfurt AM Main and around 25 minutes from two of our pitches. You will be able to take the highest course in Germany and two of the longest zip lines in Hesse.  Young or old, there are 11 courses for you to choose from ranging form different difficulties so everyone can participate and be challenged.  Before you start climbing, the staff teaches you everything you need to know so climbing experience is not needed.  Many customers have commented on their reasonable prices which you can check out below.  

Climbing Time Monday – Friday Saturday, Sunday, & Public Holidays

2 hours

€ 11.90

€ 13.90

3 hours

€ 13.90

€ 15.90


Cycling - Frankfurt

Frankfurt is a friendly bicycle city where in which many people use for transportation and exploring.  Frankfurt has many popular attractions to see so renting one makes it both fun and effective to explore.  There are many different bicycling paths that are both on and off-road that you can follow in and around the city.  In total there are about 2,849 routes ranging from different kinds of lengths and difficulty so everyone will be able to find a path that suits them.  

Check out some routes you can follow HERE
Few bike renal companies can be found HERE

Stroll Along the River Main

River Main - Frankfurt

River Main is the longest river in Germany and is arguably Frankfurt’s most beautiful location.  You will be able to enjoy promenades, green gardens and imposing bridges which locals refer to as ‘the lifeline of Frankfurt.’ Enjoy an extended walk, jog, cycle or relax on one of the many riverside lawns and enjoy the sunlight and stunning views.

Sight Seeing Cruise

Sight Seeing Cruise - Frankfurt

Take your sightseeing to the water! Enjoy the views the city has to offer from a sight seeing cruise in River Main.  Primus-Linie has many different kinds of boating times you can choose from all throughout the day and night.  Their prices and boat size are very good and the tours are in English and German.  Experiencing this is perfect for first time visitors because you will be able to see many popular attractions like the Frankfurt Cathedral or Staedel Museum 


Palmengarten - Frankfurt

Palmengarten is one of three botanical gardens in Frankfurt Am.  If you enjoy the outdoors and nature then this is perfect for you and is definitely worth a visit when the weather is nice. The garden includes plants from various different climates covering 50 acres that you would not be able to see otherwise.  You will find many tropical trees, orchids and ferns as well as conservatories built in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. There’s a special greenhouse that houses many plants that showcases a jungle-like tropical environment.  Usually people spend around 1-2 hours walking around and admiring everything.  The garden even has parks for children to enjoy.

Frankfurt Zoological Garden

 Young or old, the zoo is the perfect place to go for the day.  Frankfurt’s Zoological Garden was established in 1858 making it the zoo of Frankfurt and the second oldest in Germany.  This zoo is the home for over 4,500 animals of more than 510 species spread out over 27 acres.  It is located in the city so its super easy to reach by any means of transportation.  Many people have mentioned how well maintained it is and how the animals are being taken care of properly. You only have to pay a €10 per person entry which is a really good value for your money. 

Gruneberg Park

Gruneberg Park - Frankfurt

Nothing is more relaxing than taking in the fresh air on weekend and enjoying the lush greenery and scenery.    Gruneberg Park is made up of sizable lawns giving enough space for everyone who wants to do their own thing.  You can have a picnic, exercise on the grasses, or go on a run through the windy paths. It is quiet so you will be able to enjoy the day without hearing the noises of the city.  Conveniently, coming here is an easy trip if you are located in the city because it is only a 13 minute drive.  

So you love being active and being outdoors? Make football as your next activity!

Add CeleBreak to your outdoor activities in Frankfurt!  We organise pickup football games at times that work best for you and is available to anyone.  There are games at different times throughout the day allowing you to fit in games based on your personal schedule. It is super easy to get started.  Download the app, pick your location, pick a time that works for you and join a team!  

We hope to see you on the pitch!

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