Where to Play Amateur Football in Valencia

If you are new to Valencia or visiting for a short period of time and have a passion for playing football and bonding with your community, joining the CeleBreak community could be perfect for you.


About CeleBreak Pick-up Sessions

CeleBreak is a company passionate about all things football. We organize daily pick-up sessions for the community from Monday to Sunday, at different fields around the city and at multiple times throughout the day so you can choose the one that fits around your schedule. After pick-up sessions the group gets together for drinks to bond as a community of football-loving players. It is a great opportunity to meet new people from all over the world and explore the amateur football scene of Valencia. With music blasting during the matches, and post-game match reports, playing with CeleBreak is an experience unlike any other.

To learn more about CeleBreak pick-up games visit our website: https://celebreak.eu/daily-football/


Join the CeleBreak Community

If you want to be a part of our awesome community, there are a few options that make it quick and easy to join in on the fun:

-Download the CeleBreak App from the app store or Google Play

-Directly chat us on WhatsApp: +34 722 150 688

From there, we will post the schedule of games weekly and you can choose what day and time works for you. It makes it a simple way to squeeze in a match whenever you have an hour to spare.


Where We Play in Valencia

We host our pick-up sessions at some of the best fields around Valencia. Our fields are great for 5-a-side pick-up session in different locations around the city that make it easy to access from any part of the city.



Address:  Carrer de Daniel Balaciart, 10, 46020, Valencia (Valencia)

Polideportivo Nazaret

Address: Calle Niño Jesus, 27, 46024, Valencia (Valencia)

Polideportivo Escuelas San José

Address: Carrer del Pare Barranco, 11, 46035, Valencia

To get updates on the CeleBreak community, join our Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/celebreak/?fref=ts)

Written By: Alli Stendler