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CeleBreak is an app that makes it possible for you to play in Los Angeles, whenever and wherever you want! #PlaysoccerEveryday


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Welcome in your CeleBreak Soccer Community!

We are a community of soccer players who started playing together in Autumn 2016 in Barcelona. Out of frustration at the lack of options to play soccer CeleBreak was born. Just normal guys who wanted it to be possible to always play soccer whenever and wherever you want. 3 years later we are a lot closer to that dream, CeleBreak is in 6 cities with more to come.

We play easy 7v7 games with a focus on having fun, playing good soccer and socialising after the games. It’s that simple, not much more needs to be said than that. So we will see you at the pitch! #PlaySoccerEveryday

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Download the App


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Choose a Game Near You

Play soccer Los Angeles

Step 3)

Play Soccer, Meet New People, Enjoy

Play soccer Los Angeles

CeleBreak is the answer, a world-wide football community.

Why play with us?

– Don’t know enough players to form a team?
– Can’t commit to playing in a football league?
– Don’t want the hassle of organising games?



What can CeleBreak offer.

– Never having to worry about there not being enough people to play
– Play games that fit your schedule.
– All games are high quality with CeleBreak  organisers keeping the teams equal and motivated.
– All games are played on quality fields with balls and bibs –provided.
– No hassle for you.
– You just turn up and play.

Play soccer Los Angeles
Play soccer Los Angeles

You can find all the games in the CeleBreak app:


Where do we play in Los Angeles?

These are the 2 pitches we use the most for a complet view of the pitches we have I recommend you look at the App.

Play soccer Los Angeles

Torrance Batting Cages, Jefferson Street, Torrance,

Los Angeles, USA

Play soccer Los Angeles

Fairfax High School, Melrose Avenue

Los Angeles, USA

When do we play in Los Angeles?

In the app you can find all the times of the matches


More Info

How do I sign up?

You sign up by using the App. Here you login by using your Facebook account. Use the button below to sign up.


What do you find on the App?

Date of the games of the week
Hours and spots avaliable
Location/Map of the field
Message box to communicate
Add your friends
Online Payment

How do we play?

7 a side Soccer

A normal games is 8vs8 or 7vs7
Artificial turf
We also offer 5aside.
1 hour of soccer

What do I need to bring?

Just your Soccer boots and sports kit!

A CeleBreak organiser will bring:
- Good Quality Balls
- CeleBreak branded Bibs

What are you waiting for download the app now!