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Daniel Foth

Daniel is the Co-founder, and the man behind the idea that made CeleBreak possible. On and off the field, Daniel embodies teamwork, passion, creativity, and dedication to making CeleBreak the greatest community of footballers in the world.

Born and raised in Langen, Germany, close to Frankfurt, his passion for football began at a very early age and most of his earliest friendships were made on the pitch.  Daniel commands the field with passion, precision, and dedication. Just some of the many traits that he brings forth in CeleBreak. A FC Schalke 04 fan since childhood coupled with a rich background as a player as well as organizing is what made this growing dream possible.

After graduating from EBS University, Daniel went on to work at Lufthansa where he spent 3 years forging lasting relationships. During his time there his passion for football, together with the help of a few friends, led to the founding of the Lufthansa Football Club. After picking up momentum they invented, created and organized the World Aviation Football Cup with 32 teams from around the world participating, and drawing the attention of eventual patrons such as Manuel Neuer. You could say that he has a gift for this kind of thing!

Having come up in a socially rich and athletic environment, Daniel’s passion for meeting new people on and off the field and sharing a few drinks after a good match was never forgotten. The infamous ¨3rd Half¨ is every pick-up footballer's favorite part of the game, and Daniel was no exception. 

After moving to Barcelona in 2015, Daniel quickly realized that he had no one to play football with. He craved the smell for the pitch, the companionship surrounding the game, the teamwork, the laughs, and most importantly, the lasting friendships that come with it all. After organizing matches amongst friends and slowly growing a community of players and organizers, Daniel saw the opportunity to make his dream of organizing as well as playing, come true.

Having all of the perfect attributes in place, the idea for CeleBreak was born along with his brother, Sebastian Foth, Partner and Co-Founder of CeleBreak.

Sebastian Foth

Sebastian Foth is CeleBreak’s COO & Co-founder as well as head of all legal and financial matters. Having started, along with Daniel Foth, organizing matches, creating and overseeing tournaments, he is currently at the helm of the company’s operations companywide by overseeing the hiring process of A-Players for our on growing team, overseeing all administrative tasks, and all things regarding CeleBreak’s continued growth.

Sebastian holds a Bachelor's degree in Management and Economics from the Johannes Gutenberg University in Mainz. Along with his degree, Sebastian is an incredibly talented footballer since youth. A deeply-rooted passion for football and a solid background as a high level player as well as organizing tournaments taught him the necessary assets and skills  to make this growing dream a reality along with Daniel Foth.. 

Sebastian began playing at the young age of 5 on the local football team near Langen, Germany, where he was born and raised which ignited a life-long passion for the game and everything it entails. Having played throughout his youth in top leagues such as Darmstadt 98, FSV Frankfurt and a few others, he desired to play at a professional level, although, unfortunately he wasn’t able to quite make it. The principles, discipline and teamwork that he learned during these years would leave a lasting impression on him.

After living in Barcelona for just over a year from 2017-2018 and sharing numerous games with his brother, Daniel Foth, they began brainstorming on how they could take their love for the game and share it with everyone by taking all the hassle of planning and organizing out of the picture. After organizing some of CeleBreak’s first tournaments and matches they realized that they were on to something special.

Sebastian is continuously motivated by his desire to grow the CeleBreak community and constantly improving the product. Realizing that aside from football, the lasting connections made by CeleBreak players on the pitch were something truly special to witness. No stranger himself to organizing the after-match hangouts in his early days and adopting this philosophy of comradery after the match, Sebastian manages a balance between football and fun, on and off the pitch in his professional and personal life.

These days he enjoys making a profession out of the sport that changed his life and taught him so much. Getting to share that passion with new people all around the world is something he cherishes, values, and inspires in the whole CeleBreak team! 

Brit Hermans

Born and raised in southern Holland, near the Belgian border, CeleBreak’s City Manager of Barcelona, Brit Hermans, majored in Psychomotor Therapy and is also a certified Life Coach. Being the natural-born leader that she is, it’s no surprise that she is at the forefront of all of CeleBreak's operations in Barcelona overseeing the procurement of new fields, contracts with sponsors,  and match planning for the past four years.

Having started her football career at the young age of 5 in an all-boys team, Brit made it clear from early on that football was her passion. Competing with the boys meant developing serious skills. It was only when she would run circles around them, shining as a lead scorer for various teams, that they realized that she wasn’t just a girl, she was a serious footballer.

Her passion for football grew throughout the years as she went on to play competitively as a teenager.. Eventually transitioning to an all-girls team at the age of 18, she continued competing at a national level in Holland until moving to Spain. The appeal of the Spanish lifestyle filled with sun, fun, and new adventures, were enough for her to leave her native Holland and settle in Barcelona. 

Once in Barcelona she immediately began looking for somewhere to play, meet new people, learn the language, and compete in football games. Her eagerness to compete drove her to win a local tournament which resulted in an invitation to play in the F7 World Championship in Brazil. While playing in the country of Samba football her team was then invited to play in Rome and a ‘world tour’ had started.

Being the world traveler she is, Brit is no stranger to finding pick-up football matches wherever she goes. Just ask her about playing with the locals during her 8-month travels through Australia or her 6-month trip throughout Asia and the Himalayas. Spoken words are second to the universal language of football.

Brit Hermans joined the team in 2018 after moving to Barcelona. Not knowing where to play, she found CeleBreak. After playing in the third tournament that CeleBreak had ever organized, she fell in love with the concept, the dynamic, and the community of players. She eventually met Daniel Foth, CEO & Co-founder of CeleBreak, and began organizing CeleBreak’s first women’s football matches in Barcelona. The rest is history!

Jorge Ortega

Jorge Ortega is CeleBreak’s native Spaniard and City Manager for operations in Madrid ever since joining the company in September 2020. Aside from being a passionate footballer, he is also a graduate of Complutense University of Madrid with a Degree in Geography and Master´s degree that allows him to be a highschool teacher in geography and history. He is at the forefront of field negotiations, match-planning and organizing, as well as overseeing a team of match-organizers through Madrid. 

When he was just three years old he began playing football with his older brother and couldn’t get enough. Throughout his early years football was all he could think about. In school during recess, after school, on the weekends, it didn’t matter as long as he had a ball at his feet. Indoor football was more his style and you could always find him guarding the goal. His good sportsmanship paired with his relentless drive, on and off the pitch, set Jorge apart amongst his peers and would motivate him moving forward to continue playing football as much as he can.

Driven by his passion for the game and the comradery that comes with it, Jorge stumbled upon CeleBreak and jumped at the opportunity to join the team as it was a perfect opportunity to connect people through something that he is so passionate about, football.

Being a Madrid native and knowing the ins and outs of the city, he quickly began laying the groundwork for CeleBreak’s recent expansion there. These days Jorge is happy to call  the pitch his office, the players his friends, and CeleBreak his family.

Ailish Westerhout

Málaga City Manager, Ailish Westerhout, has been with the CeleBreak team since late 2020 and is in charge of overseeing operations in the city of Málaga, forging new partnerships with field owners, procuring equipment, and overseeing a team of CeleBreak organizers. She is currently finishing her studies in International Business at Amsterdam School of International Business and Language Studies and has attended Cesine Centro Universitario Privado from January through May 2020 as part of her university’s exchange program.

Born and raised in Wieringerwaard, Netherlands, Ailish is no stranger to the game. At four years old she began playing football in her hometown on an all-boys team since girls teams didn’t even exist. By the age of thirteen Ailish was competing at a national level in the Dutch league, Hoofdklasse A, one of the highest leagues in the Netherlands, and was eventually invited to join the Royal Dutch Football Association or also known as KNVB. She and her teammates would go on to become champions of the KNVB Cup of the Division West 1, District 1st Class.

Convinced that she was part Spanish as well as Dutch, Ailish would travel often to Spain to spend her summers in Tossa de Mar, swimming in the ocean and playing football. Having some of her fondest memories in Spain as well as the draw of living somewhere where she could enjoy sports, adventure, and be in touch with nature, Ailish decided to move from her native Netherlands to Barcelona and settle in Málaga. 

Being an extremely active person, Ailish likes to spend time cycling, running, traveling, and meeting new people. It is no wonder that when she moved to Spain that she began looking for where to play some fun pick-up football matches. 

Through her summers in Tossa de Mar, Ailish had made a friend, who unbeknownst to her, was a good friend of Daniel Foth, CEO, and Co-Founder of CeleBreak. The two eventually got a drink together, spoke about life in Spain and all things football which eventually led to Ailish joining the team and helping to expand our operations to Málaga. 

Guilherme Pinheiro

Joining the CeleBreak team in early 2018, Guilherme Pinheiro hails from the tropical city of Belo Horizonte, Brazil. A graduate of the Federal University of Minas Gerais with a Master’s degree in Sports Science, he is also currently working towards finishing his PhD in Performance Analysis and Sports Informatics at the University of Munich.

Guilherme is a fan of all things related to the outdoors and sports. If it’s football, even better! Having been born in Curitiba and raised in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, you can imagine that football was and continues to be a major part of his life. He began playing when he was just eight years old on the local neighborhood team and quickly became a rising star on the pitch. Representing his school’s teams throughout the years, Guiherme and his teammates won several local and regional championships.

At the age of 15, faced with one of the toughest decisions that any talented athlete can be faced with, he had to choose between dedicating himself full time to his studies or pursuing a professional career as a player. He chose the latter, although he continues to play to this day with no plans of stopping any time soon.

During one of his visits to Barcelona, Guilherme was lucky enough to participate in CeleBreak’s very first tournament where he eventually met Daniel and Sebastian Foth, co-founders of the company. Guilhereme’s passion for the game paired with his love for connecting with new people made him a perfect match for our team. In 2018, after moving to Germany, he was offered to join CeleBreak and take lead on developing and overseeing all operations in Munich.

Now in charge of negotiating agreements with field owners, overseeing match-planning, match-organizing, as well as maintaining and embodying the CeleBreak values, he continues to forge new partnerships and help CeleBreak grow.

Otis Banwell

Representing CeleBreak’s first branch in the USA is Otis Banwell, City Manager of Los Angeles, California. A world traveler, budding entrepreneur, and lifelong soccer player, it is his multi-talented approach to city management that has made CeleBreak’s international expansion out of Europe possible.

Growing up in Takoma Park, Maryland (on the Washington, D.C. border), Otis decided to move to Los Angeles for university and graduated from the University of Southern California in 2014 with a major in History and a minor in Spanish. Ambitious, curious, and adventurous, it’s no wonder that Otis is passionate about meeting new people, staying active, traveling and always challenging himself.

He started playing soccer when he was just 6 years old and continued to play competitively until he was twenty-two. Since then, it became more of a hobby than a serious competition, though that doesn’t mean he doesn’t like to win! Having played for his high school and university teams, Otis’s passion for the game grew and in 2014 he traveled with friends to Brazil to support the USA national team in the World Cup. It was there that he was even able to attend that historic Brazil vs. Colombia quarter-final match where David Luiz scored a 30-yard free kick and Neymar Jr. broke his back.

Later that year Otis went back to LA to work with a video production startup and in 2016 he moved to Barcelona to become an English teacher. It was here that, aside from teaching students like Carlos Puyol (yes, THE Carlos Puyol) — captain of FC Barcelona, World Cup champion, Eurocup champion, etc. — his desire to continue playing soccer became too much. Luckily for him, his friend Scott Haile invited him to play his first Celebreak pickup game. Before long, Otis had joined World VII, one of Celebreak’s first league teams, and Daniel had hired him to organize pickup games and manage leagues.

Over the years Otis became more involved with Celebreak and in 2019 had the opportunity to expand the company overseas to the USA where he is currently leading the charge in setting the foundation for expansion nationwide throughout the United States.

These days you can find Otis negotiating with field owners/operators, managing match hosts, and organizing as well as playing matches in his city. The freedom of being able to operate and expand the business in Los Angeles in the way he sees fit, backed by an international team of passionate soccer players and community builders make the perfect recipe for success.

Eric Bauer

In 2020 CeleBreak welcomed to it’s team Eric Bauer, Chief Technology Officer and  Tech-Lead, responsible for overseeing the development and programming of the CeleBreak platform as well as overseeing all tech-related issues.

A graduate of Lafayette College in Pennsylvania, USA, majoring in Computer Engineering with a minor in Computer Science, and after years as a CeleBreak user, Eric was presented with the opportunity to take lead on the development of CeleBreak’s Tech Department. ¨The rest is history¨, as Eric would say.

Eric was born and raised near the Boston, Massachusetts area and has been playing football from very early on. On his high school football team he was the top scorer and voted Best Offensive Player during a deep run in the Massachusetts State Tournament. He started playing football when he was just 4 years old and picked up a unique skill set from early on. Football is something that runs deep in his veins!

Having been a passionate footballer his entire life, it was not long after having moved to Barcelona in 2017 that Eric began searching for places to play some fun pick-up football games and stumbled upon CeleBreak in it’s very earliest days when the primary platform was nothing like today’s. After meeting various players, and eventually meeting Daniel Foth, CEO & Co-founder of CeleBreak, he made the decision to become Tech Lead and to let his extensive knowledge shine.

His love of football, however, isn’t the only driving factor in Eric’s life. He is very passionate about staying fit and healthy by mountain biking, trail running, cooking, learning Spanish, and above all else, spending time and playing with his children.

Rafael Ochoa

Joining CeleBreak as of February 2021, and working side-by-side with Eric Bauer, CeleBreaks’s CTO, is Rafael Ochoa as the team’s Full Stack Developer responsible for developing the new CeleBreak platform.

Rafael was born and raised in the Venezuelan city of San Cristobal where he remained throughout his childhood and adolescent years, eventually going on to receive a degree in Electronics Engineering.

Before joining the CeleBreak team Rafael has worked in several different data-analytics, and programming companies such as Stats Perform, a leading ¨Ultra Fast Statistics¨ company. From there he went on to work as a programmer, exercising his true passion at companies such as Blockchain Academy Mexico and RigSquared Inc.

Never much of a football player after his college years, Rafael very much enjoys playing music as he is an avid clarinet player and is also learning to play the alto saxophone. Although he likes to watch sports, whether it be on the television or in person, he doesn’t consider himself to be much of an athlete, although, the thrill of the game still gets his blood going!

Rafa has had the good fortune of covering matches such as the World Cup qualifying match where Venezuela played against Uruguay in 2018 as well as covering the Mexico National Team in the Azteca Stadium, packed full of people and getting to see 70.000 people singing Cielito Lindo. In his words it was, ¨something quite unique to see¨!

After being contacted by CeleBreak’s CEO & Co-founder, Daniel Foth, with a message that read,  “My name is Daniel, Founder & CEO of CeleBreak, an app for everyone who doesn’t know where and with whom to play football”, the two began chatting about CeleBreak’s goals and vision for the future and it didn’t take long for both to realize that Rafael’s talents as a programmer would be an incredible asset to the team. As Rafa would say, ‘I knew it was the job for me’.

Elie Aouad

At the helm of CeleBreak’s social media and marketing department is Elie Aouad who joined the team in October 2020 as an intern and eventually stayed with the team in a more integrated role. Having graduated with a MBA in Sports Management and Digital Marketing as well as a Bachelor's Degree in Business, Elie knew from early on that his love of football, and sports in general, went far beyond the field. 

In Beirut, Lebanon, where he was raised, sports are not a very big part of the culture and although there are sports teams and leagues, it is not something that is taken as seriously as, for instance, in Spain. Following his love for sports, he opted for a future working on the marketing side of sports, although his love for football was never forgotten. 

In 2019 Elie moved to Spain to finish his studies while experiencing life in a new country, meeting new people, and immersing himself in a new culture. Sun, beaches, and plenty of football were enough to convince him that this was where he should stay. Not to mention that being an FC Barcelona fan living in Barcelona was a huge plus!

After hearing about CeleBreak through a friend in Barcelona, he eventually became a user of the CeleBreak app. After participating in various games and seeing the service and potential of CeleBreak, he pounced at the opportunity to join the CeleBreak team when the internship position became available. 

After many months of working hand-in-hand with Brit Hermans, CeleBreak’s Barcelona City Manager, and learning the ins and outs of the company, Elie has now taken charge of all things related to social media and marketing.