Daniel Foth

Daniel is the Co-founder, and the man behind the idea that made CeleBreak possible. On and off the field, Daniel embodies teamwork, passion, creativity, and dedication to making CeleBreak the greatest community of footballers in the world.

Born and raised in Langen, Germany, close to Frankfurt, his passion for football began at a very early age and most of his earliest friendships were made on the pitch.  Daniel commands the field with passion, precision, and dedication. Just some of the many traits that he brings forth in CeleBreak. A FC Schalke 04 fan since childhood coupled with a rich background as a player as well as organizing is what made this growing dream possible.

After graduating from EBS University, Daniel went on to work at Lufthansa where he spent 3 years forging lasting relationships. During his time there his passion for football, together with the help of a few friends, led to the founding of the Lufthansa Football Club. After picking up momentum they invented, created and organized the World Aviation Football Cup with 32 teams from around the world participating, and drawing the attention of eventual patrons such as Manuel Neuer. You could say that he has a gift for this kind of thing!

Having come up in a socially rich and athletic environment, Daniel’s passion for meeting new people on and off the field and sharing a few drinks after a good match was never forgotten. The infamous ¨3rd Half¨ is every pick-up footballer’s favorite part of the game, and Daniel was no exception. 

After moving to Barcelona in 2015, Daniel quickly realized that he had no one to play football with. He craved the smell for the pitch, the companionship surrounding the game, the teamwork, the laughs, and most importantly, the lasting friendships that come with it all. After organizing matches amongst friends and slowly growing a community of players and organizers, Daniel saw the opportunity to make his dream of organizing as well as playing, come true.

Having all of the perfect attributes in place, the idea for CeleBreak was born along with his brother, Sebastian Foth, Partner and Co-Founder of CeleBreak.