Sebastian Foth

Sebastian Foth is CeleBreak’s COO & Co-founder as well as head of all legal and financial matters. Having started, along with Daniel Foth, organizing matches, creating and overseeing tournaments, he is currently at the helm of the company’s operations companywide by overseeing the hiring process of A-Players for our on growing team, overseeing all administrative tasks, and all things regarding CeleBreak’s continued growth.

Sebastian holds a Bachelor’s degree in Management and Economics from the Johannes Gutenberg University in Mainz. Along with his degree, Sebastian is an incredibly talented footballer since youth. A deeply-rooted passion for football and a solid background as a high level player as well as organizing tournaments taught him the necessary assets and skills  to make this growing dream a reality along with Daniel Foth.. 

Sebastian began playing at the young age of 5 on the local football team near Langen, Germany, where he was born and raised which ignited a life-long passion for the game and everything it entails. Having played throughout his youth in top leagues such as Darmstadt 98, FSV Frankfurt and a few others, he desired to play at a professional level, although, unfortunately he wasn’t able to quite make it. The principles, discipline and teamwork that he learned during these years would leave a lasting impression on him.

After living in Barcelona for just over a year from 2017-2018 and sharing numerous games with his brother, Daniel Foth, they began brainstorming on how they could take their love for the game and share it with everyone by taking all the hassle of planning and organizing out of the picture. After organizing some of CeleBreak’s first tournaments and matches they realized that they were on to something special.

Sebastian is continuously motivated by his desire to grow the CeleBreak community and constantly improving the product. Realizing that aside from football, the lasting connections made by CeleBreak players on the pitch were something truly special to witness. No stranger himself to organizing the after-match hangouts in his early days and adopting this philosophy of comradery after the match, Sebastian manages a balance between football and fun, on and off the pitch in his professional and personal life.

These days he enjoys making a profession out of the sport that changed his life and taught him so much. Getting to share that passion with new people all around the world is something he cherishes, values, and inspires in the whole CeleBreak team!