Yvan Gabrieli

In February 2021, CeleBreak welcomed Yvan to the organizational team as one of the Match Hosts in Barcelona. He is ¨The Man¨ when it comes to shining on the pitch, whether it be organizing matches or playing the game he loves so much. Aside from hosting matches and ensuring that the CeleBreak quality standards are always up to par, he is also responsible for maintaining fluid contact with our players, making sure all equipment is in top condition, and contributing to CeleBreak’s overall success.. 

A Cameroonian from birth, he was raised in Toscolano-Maderno, Italy where football reigns supreme. Growing up in Italy, paired with his Cameroonian roots, Yvan has been playing football for as long as he can remember. Shining throughout his youth, and to this day, as a star midfielder, he has learned the skills needed to dominate the pitch. 

Now enjoying football in a less competitive manner, he still enjoys playing as well as working doing something related to the game he loves so much. The same game that taught his so many valuable skills and life lessons that resonate in him to this very day, such as fairness, teamwork, leadership, consistency and the value that football can add to our lives!

Off the pitch you can find Yvan studying for his degree in accounting, tending some of the top bars in Barcelona, or learning and studying mindfulness. He also really enjoys vibing with his friends and meeting new people, everything CeleBreak represents.

 It was through his friends that Yvan heard about CeleBreak after moving to Barcelona in April 2016 and decided to check us out. (We’re really glad he did!) With CeleBreak’s growth in recent months, when he heard about the chance to join the CeleBreak team as a Match Host, he sprinted at the opportunity. The rest is history!