Hey football passionates,

Do you live in Madrid? Do you want to sign up for a football league? We from CeleBreak , an easy way to play pick up football in Madrid, have selected for you the Top 4 Leagues in Madrid. We ranked the leagues according to our own personal taste. Our criteria  among others: Location, Fields, Number of teams participating, Professionalism and customer reviews that we found. The selection is based on the offer of 2020/2021. 

  1. The Liga Futbol Madrid https://ligafutbolmadrid.es/

25 matches throughout the season, Pictures & Videos of the matches included and the choice between 4 different fields: Alzola, Madrid Rio, Montecarmelo, Paracuellos de Jarama. There are different pricing options. There is a 100€ team inscription fee, and afterwards you have the option to make either a 1 Time Payment (Pago Unico) or to pay in installments ( Pago a plazos). If you pay all at once its 1250€ and if you pay in installments it sums up to 1350€. In conclusion you will end up paying between 50€- 54€ per match. As a little extra thing, even a physiotherapeut is included according to their website. 


2) Business Sports (https://business-sports.es/quienes-somos/)

25 – 27 matches during the whole season, 2 Nike balls included, pictures, videos, a transfer window, and even every month a selection of the best 7 of the league, just to name a few of the features the league is offering. There is league for private teams as well one for company teams. Unfortunately, no pricing info published on the website. They are operating their leagues on 5 different pitches: Olimpico de Hortaleza, Colegio Nuestra Senora Recuerdo, Rodriguez Sahagun, Los Paules, and Valdeyeros. 


3) Red Futbol Siete ( https://www.redfutbolsiete.com/)

Probably the biggest league in Madrid, with in total 8 different fields and constantly adding more fields to their portfolio. Trophies for the best player, top goalscorer, and best goalkeeper. Prices start as cheap as 890€ but can cost up to 1490€ depending on which field and day your are choosing. Compared to Business Sports and The Liga Futbol Madrid it delivers less matches with 18 to 22 guaranteed matches. 


We hope this helps you and your team to choose a league in Madrid to play to. In case you do not have a team, of course CeleBreak, an easy way to play pick up football football in Madrid, should be your go to App ;).

See you soon on the football fields!