There is an endless liveliness throughout the entire city of Barcelona to keep you entertained for weeks on end. From the beach to the mountains, to the night life and the exquisite food. Some may not think it is even necessary to even leave the famous city. However, we at CeleBreak are here to tell you that it would be a mistake to not explore the surrounding towns.  Ee believe Barcelona has 4 must-do day trips surrounding the coastal city.

Here are our suggestions for 4 days of exploring…


First, you must see Montserrat while you are staying in Barcelona. With being only about an hour train ride away, and a mere 11 euro, it is well worth your time and money to make this excursion. Spend your day hiking to the Cross of Saint Michael for some of the most beautiful views of the Catalan countryside. There are many paths throughout the mountain to choose from to experience the landscape and amazing architecture. Most of all, be sure to stop by the famous boys choir at 13:00 and listen to an amazing performance. Conclude your trip enjoying a traditional Catalan dish of Calcots. Head back into the city by dinner time! A perfect day trip away!


Another day trip is north of Barcelona is Girona. Visiting from Barcelona has now been made even easier than it was before! Taking the new Renfe fast train, you can arrive in 40 minutes for around 16 euro (one way)!

Girona can be a perfect day trip to take, not only because of the proximity to Barcelona, but due to the fact that the town is compact. You are able complete this trip in less than a day. Furthermore, there are many secrets to explore throughout the small city. Some highlights that should be touched upon are The Cathedral of Girona, The Jewish Quarter, Passeig de la Muralla, Onyar River, and many other sites.

Additionally, Game of Thrones fans will be delighted to hear that a lot of season 6 was filmed in this city. Using screenshots from the show, you can venture around the Jewish Quarter and track down exactly where these famous cast members were.


In addition to Montserrat and Girona, a great place to visit close to Barcelona is the lovely town of Tarragona. With rich history,and gorgeous views, it is worthy of being a top 4 place to spend the day away from the city. Depending on whether you are concerned about the cost of the trip or the time it takes to arrive in Tarragona, it will affect your transportation choice. Selecting the Renfe AVE, you arrive in 30 mins, however the cost is around 30 euros each way. They also offer cheaper trains for around 20 euro, or even a bus for around 9 euro. With that being said, these cheaper options take about an hour to reach Tarragona.

Once you arrive, they offer many guided tours so you can explore and learn about the roman ruins overlooking the mediterranean. The Roman Amphitheater is simply breathtaking, and the Cathedral of Tarragona is beautiful with detail. 


On a nice sunny day, head over to one of the beachiest towns on the coast. Sitges is a cute village about 45 minutes south of the city. Taking the Renfe right from Passeig de Gracia, it doesn’t get much easier than this! Spending around 8 euro for the round trip, you also can’t get much cheaper!

Walk around and enjoy the atmosphere of the beach town, exploring the small streets. However if you happen to be in the Barcelona area in February, head to Sitges for Carnival. All the streets decorated with parades around every corner, it something you simply can not miss!



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