An increasingly uncertain job market has provoked a conscious shift towards entrepreneurship and freelancing within today’s working population. Barcelona is among those cities in Spain that have welcomed this change with open arms, hosting a thriving working population across approximately 100 coworking spaces that have blossomed throughout the city in recent years.

At Celebreak, we understand the need to work with a strong, supportive community to get the best out of your job. To make it easy for you to pick your coworking space in Barcelona, we have picked out the top spaces in the city with the right facilities and environment to support your business.

1. Betahaus

Betahaus Coworking Space in Barcelona

(Credit: Betahaus)The year was 2009. The city of Berlin before the dawn of today’s startup culture. Six friends – all students – were looking for a place where they could create and collaborate freely, away from the confines of the traditional office environment. That is how Betahaus – Berlin’s first coworking – came into existence. Today, they host coworking spaces in six cities, including Barcelona.

The coworking space in Barcelona is strategically located in central Gràcia, just a 10-minute walk from the Casa Vicens Gaudí down the Carrer de les Carolines. Betahaus organises regular events and meetups for its community, including the annual Betapitch, which brings startups from all over the world to one global platform.

According to the founders, “We called our space Betahaus because we believe life should be about always being open to change, and never getting stuck in routines just because they’re comfortable. We’re always learning and growing. Always making mistakes and always improving.” And that is precisely what 4 floors of open workspace with 193 seats offer you here in Barcelona!


Carrer de Vilafranca, 7, 08024 Barcelona

Hours: 24 hours

Phone: (+34) 655 62 71 49

Google rating: 4.5 (171)


Short Term

Day pass at € 15

40 hour pass at € 69

Long Term

Flex (Half day) at € 99/month

Flex (Full day) at € 199/month

Fixed desk € 219 – € 249/month

Private office from € 279/month

2. MOB (Makers of Barcelona)

Makers of Barcelona Coworking
(Credit: Makers of Barcelona)

Established in 2011 by co-founders Cecilia Tham, Alejandro Papadopoulos, and Yoel Karaso, MOB was one of the first coworking spaces in Barcelona with an eye on cultivating creator culture through technology. Today, the MOB Agency brings your projects to life through the best talents that make up their vast community.

The coworking company has three locations in Barcelona today, with one membership allowing access to all locations across the city. MOB’s focus on growing their community extends to the courses they offer to young entrepreneurs and freelancers, with everything from classes and workshops to hackathons and boot camps organised regularly to discover and nurture talent and help sharpen skillsets.

With MOB, your business will be supported by their legal services and there is always a warm and open family of workers to turn to for advice! The coworking spaces also offer all the infrastructure you’d need to set up your office, from coworking spaces and high-speed internet to meeting and training rooms.


Calle de Bailèn, 11, 08010 Barcelona (Central/Eixample)

(+34) 936 67 41 65

Av. de Francesc Cambó, 17, 08003 Barcelona (East/El Born)

(+34) 932 80 83 35

Ronda de Sant Pau, 47, 08015 Barcelona (Central/Sant Antoni)

(+34) 935 66 93 14

Hours: 24 hours

Google rating: 4.6 (177)


Short Term

Day pass at € 15

Long Term

Flex plans starting from € 70/month

Fixed plans starting from € 190/month

Office from € 240/month

3. OneCoWork

OneCoWork Portside Coworking in Barcelona
(Credit: OneCoWork)

OneCoWork was started with the sole purpose of creating a world where work would be both delightful and liberating for their members. According to Ben Nachoom, the CEO, “It all starts with our own family. Each and every coworking team member is passionate about creating the strongest Coworking community possible, every day going one step further to improve our offering.”

OneCoWork has three locations across Barcelona – each better than the next – attracting everyone from budding entrepreneurs to employees of Fortune 500 companies to their beautiful premises. Their Marina Port Vell location, in fact, was named by Forbes as one of the most unique coworking spaces in the world. Situated directly above the water, the space offers stunning views of the Barceloneta beach and the port.

Whether you want to work for a few days or find a more regular space, OneCoWork offers a variety of plans for you to choose from. You can book meeting rooms and event spaces to conduct programs, while members are also privy to a number of workshops and gatherings to boost skills and expand their networks.


Carrer de l’Escar, 26, Barcelona 08039 (Marina Port Vell)

(+34) 930 09 84 90

Carrer d’Estruc, 9, 08002 Barcelona (Placa Catalunya)

(+34) 936 02 67 07

Av. de la Catedral, 6, 8, Barcelona 08002 (Catedral)

(+34) 936 04 74 58

Hours: 24 hours

Google rating: 4.8 (155)


Short Term

Day pass at € 25

Weekly pass at € 80/week

Long Term

Flex desk at € 195/month

Fixed desk at € 295/month

Office from € 240/month

4. La Vaca Coworking

La Vaca Coworking Barcelona
(Credit: La Vaca Coworking)

If you’re looking to reinvent yourself as a professional, then you may not find many options in Barcelona that are better than La Vaca. The coworking space grew out of what was a dairy shop in Poble Sec into a thriving community that adopts a business casual approach to help you maximise your potential at work.

Since their establishment, La Vaca has cultivated partnerships with a number of businesses to help their clientele fulfil their lifestyle needs, from MYoga and Fitness House to Calizumos and The Juice House offering attractive discounts and packages to La Vaca members.

Working at La Vaca means effortlessly switching between work and play, alongside a community carrying a laid-back and friendly vibe that is hard to miss and easy to catch. The coworking space offers a variety of plans based on your requirements and even supports teams with semi-private spaces and there’s plenty of recreational and common space for you to let off some steam during the day.


Carrer de la Creu dels Molers, 19, 08004 Barcelona

Hours: Mon – Fri 9:00 am – 8:00 pm

Phone: (+34) 931 19 81 12

Google rating: 4.8 (88)


Short Term

Day pass at € 15

10 days at € 125 (Valid for 3 months)

Long Term

Flex half-day at € 90 – € 110/month

Flex full-time at € 165/month

Fixed desk at € 215/month

5. Quartdenou

Quartdenou Beachside Coworking Space in Barcelona
(Credit: Quartdenou)

This cozy coworking gets its name – and culture – from the industrial-era housing patterns in Barcelona, where people were housed in quarters to save space. Quartdenou, or ‘New Quarters’ is a modern take on this concept, with a “small big family” working together under one roof.

Located just a few steps from the beach, on the Carrer de Sevilla, this coworking space offers a peaceful location to set up your work. Quartdenou organises weekly activities for its members, from surfing and rowing off the beach to workshops that bring you closer to their community.

Quartdenou offers you a number of rooms for events and activities that you would like to organise at their premises, while you can set up your coworking space with a range of short and long-term plans that are designed to suit any requirements you may have.


Carrer de Sevilla, 52, Local Bajos, 08003 Barcelona

Hours: Mon – Fri 9:00 am – 6:00 pm

Phone: (+34) 937 82 24 52

Google rating: 5.0 (60)


Short Term

Day pass at € 12

5+1 days at € 60

Long Term

Flex half-day at € 110/month

Flex full-time at € 159/month

Fixed desk at € 210/month

6. Meet BCN

Meet BCN Coworking Space in Barcelona
(Credit: Meet BCN)

Meet BCN was born a little over 9 years ago, when Isabel Pérez, a renewable energy engineer and project manager, felt it was time to begin working for herself. Even as she enjoyed going solo, it didn’t take her long to miss the charm of a social work environment. That was when Isabel set about creating her own working space in Barcelona – a conducive environment for entrepreneurs and freelancers to work and collaborate, learn, and grow together.

This cozy coworking space is located in the bustling central district of Eixample, just a couple of minutes from the Diagonal subway station. The warm, homely vibe it exudes may be in sharp contrast to the organised chaos on the other side of its walls, but this only makes Meet BCN the perfect place to work in peace with little to distract you inside.

Meet BCN offers a number of plans, with spaces designed to fit any requirements – presenting daily and weekly passes to private spaces on rent by the month.


Rambla de Catalunya 125, 3º 2ª 08008 Barcelona

Hours: 24 hours

Phone: (+34) 931 76 30 76

Google rating: 4.9 (23)


Short Term

Day pass at € 30

Weekly pass at € 95/week

Long Term

Flex half-day from € 180 – € 220 /month

Fixed desk at € 292/month

Private offices from € 300/month

7. Coco Coffice

Alt Text: Coco Coffice Barcelona
(Credit: Coco Coffice)

This is one unique coworking experiment that has definitely worked out – where coffee meets coworking in a calm and spacious environment that stimulates the senses and lets your mind roam free. Coco boasts of a flexibility that can be matched by few, if any coworking spaces in Barcelona, and that makes this the ideal option for nomads, freelancers, and students.

Coco is easily accessible in the center of the city, just a two-minute walk from the Poble-Sec subway station on the Carrer de Manso. After a long break in light of the pandemic, the coworking space has now resumed regular events at the premises with everything from themed breakfasts to workshops that are open to all.

Aside from highly economical and low commitment plans, Coco also includes free food and coffee in each of their offerings, so be sure to accept their warm welcome at least once while you’re in the city.


Carrer de Manso 17, 08015 Barcelona

Hours: Mon – Fri 9:30 am – 7:30 pm

Phone: (+34) 931 428 536

Google rating: 4.8 (105)


First hour at € 4 and € 3/hour from the second

Day pass at € 15

Weekly pass at € 55 (5 days)

10-day access at € 99

Month pass at € 185


Still waiting for your ideal coworking space?

Didn’t find the space that suits your needs yet? With nearly a hundred unique coworking spaces in Barcelona, that’s completely understandable. So here are some more spaces that might catch your fancy.

1. Valkiria Hub Space

Born out of a restored factory space, Valkiria Hub Space specialises in events of all shapes and sizes, while the company also offers coworking spaces at the premises.

Address: Carrer Pujades 126 (Poble Nou) 08005, Barcelona

Phone: (+34) 933 09 50 47

2. Zamness

Yet another coworking in the [email protected] district after Valkiria, in a building from the 1970s, remodelled to reverberate with the locality’s energetic vibe.

Address: Carrer de Zamora, 46, 08005 Barcelona

Phone: (+34) 661 807 137

3. Cahoot Coworking

Sleek and minimalist, Cahoot is a fine coworking space located in Barcelona’s Sant Antoni district.

Address: Carrer de Floridablanca 92, 08003 Barcelona

Phone: (+34) 616 72 85 66

4. Spaces

The popular coworking franchise has two fantastic locations in Barcelona, with a third coming soon in 2021.


Carrer de Pallars, 193, 08018 (East/Sant Martí)

Carrer de la Marina, 16-18, Mapfre Tower, 27th Floor, 08005 (East/Sant Martí)

Phone: (+34) 914 14 44 59

5. WeWork

The world’s largest chain of coworking spaces just has to make the list, with six spaces across Barcelona hosting everyone from freelancers and budding entrepreneurs to the largest organisations.


Diagonal 444, Catalonia (Central/Eixample)

Passeig de Gràcia, 17 (Central/Eixample)

Carrer Tànger 86 (East/Sant Martí)

Carrer de Pallars, 194 (East/Sant Martí)

Avinguda Diagonal 371 (Central/Eixample)

Carrer de la Ciutat de Granada 121 (East/Sant Martí)

Phone: 1800-123365365


A stronger community with Celebreak

Once you pick your place to work and grow, get to know your fellow co-workers a little better outside the office. Celebreak makes this easy, arranging the perfect game of football for you and your workmates! All you need to do is install the app, choose where and when you want to play, and head on over. The rest is on us. See you there!