Ever since the first coworking space popped up in 2005, the concept of working alongside a community has been gaining momentum all around the world. Today, Spain hosts over 400 coworking spaces with at least 150 of them located in Madrid.

We at Celebreak believe in the power of communities to shape the world around us and wish to make it easy for you to find a great place to work that suits your taste while you’re in the capital. So here’s a list of the best coworking spaces in Madrid for you to choose from.

1. Utopicus

Utopicus Coworking Space in Madrid
(Credit: Utopicus)

Utopicus was launched in partnership with the reputed Colonial Group, known for their benchmark business in the office market space across the Euro Zone. According to the founders, the name Utopicus itself, was chosen for its representation of femininity – signifying flow and openness, life, and development. In their own words, Utopicus is “a launcher of innovative and transformative initiatives” that “last over time and provide social, cultural or environmental value.”

Utopicus is spread out across Madrid and Barcelona with 8 locations to pick from in the capital itself. Over the last decade, the company has been working on promoting the learning and development of young professionals and budding entrepreneurs through business services, courses and programs offered at their own UtopicSCHOOL.

Utopicus offers up to 24 hours’ access to its facilities including coworking space, private offices, meeting rooms, training rooms, virtual offices, technical support and networking. Several notable organisations in Madrid have been associated with the coworking organisation including Deepki, Cirugía Gráfica, and MediaShoppers.


Francisco Silvela, 42 (Central/Salamanca)

Walk of Havana, 9-11 (North/Chamartín)

Paseo de la Castallena, 163, 28046 (North/Tetuán)

Calle de José Abascal, 56, 28003 (Central/Chamberí)

Calle Príncipe de Vergara, 112, 28002 (North/Chamartín)

Gran Vía, 4 (Central/Centro)

Calle de Orense, 62, 28020 (North/Tetuán)

Calle Calegiata 9, 28012 (Central/Centro)

Hours: 24 hours


(+34) 911 590 510

(+34) 934 929 059

Google rating: 4.4 (131)


1-week free trial offered

Short term (Mon-Fri 9:00-19:00)

€ 20/day

Flexible (Mon-Fri 9:00-19:00)

€ 125/Month – € 175/Month


€ 300/Month – 24/7 access

Meeting rooms

€ 120 – € 200 for 10 hours

Event spaces

€ 200/day

2. Espíritu 23

Espiritu23 Coworking in Madrid
(Credit: Espiritu23)

Espíritu 23 truly lives up to its name by letting your creative spirit and expression soar free on the premises. This bright and bustling space was born out of a shared desire between four friends in Malasaña to set up a multidisciplinary coworking space that helps “promote art, culture, creativity, and initiative.”

Today, Espíritu 23 hosts everyone from inspiring artists and social workers to architects, journalists and entrepreneurs alike. The space is located in Malasaña, 5 minutes from the Tribunal Metro Station on the Calle de Espíritu Santo and also serves as a place where artists can display their work and gain prominence within professional circles at their in-house café. Most prominently, the ESCP Europe school conducts its annual ‘Improbable in Spirit23’ event in association with Espíritu 23 to show how art can change the world around us.

Espíritu 23 provides a host of facilities, from meeting rooms and multipurpose spaces at affordable prices and over the years, have cultivated a strong and beautiful community that encourages newcomers to express themselves freely and add to their perspective on people, life and everything in between.


Calle de Espíritu Santo 23, Madrid

Hours: Mon-Fri 7:00 am – 8:00 pm

Phone: (+34) 915 321 849

Google rating: 4.8 (107)



€ 2.5 for 2 hours + € 1 for each additional hour

Day pass for € 10

Long term

Flexible station at € 110/month

Fixed station at € 165/month

3. Urban Campus

Urban Campus Jeronimo Coworking Space in Madrid
(Credit: Urban Campus)

Urban Campus was founded in 2016 with the ambitious goal of revolutionising urban spaces and transforming the way we live and work together. The result of a partnership between Fabernovel and Fluxus Ventures, the company is seeking to slowly but surely change the coworking rental space for building owners and tenants alike.

Urban Campus currently has two coworking and two coliving spaces in Madrid, with a view to setting up several more people-centric spaces in the years ahead. Employees from organisations including Shadow Robot and Transparent, as well as young entrepreneurs and professionals, have enjoyed the facilities at Urban Campus since their establishment.

More than just a coworking space, Urban Campus offers a vast array of community events to enrich your experience, from concerts and social gatherings to brainstorming sessions and a fairly unique concept of community roles. Whether you’re acting as an event organiser or beautifying the campus, everybody at Urban Campus can pick a role to build a better community and create a deeper experience for everyone.


Calle Libertad, 20, 28004, Madrid (Central/Centro)

Carrera de san Jerónimo 17, 28014, Madrid (Central/Centro)

Hours: 24 hours

Phone: (+34) 689 18 87 03

Google rating: 4.5 (33)



1 day / € 20

Fixed desk half-day at € 100/month

Fixed desk full-day at € 200/month

Private office at € 850/month


Fixed desk full-day at € 250/month

4. Freeland Coworking

Freeland Coworking Space in Madrid
(Credit: Freeland Coworking)

Freeland Coworking was set up in Madrid in 2009 to provide everyone from freelancers and entrepreneurs to the largest organisations with all the space and resources needed to complete projects with the highest quality in output.

Situated in the Retiro district, the coworking space is just a few minutes by car from the Pacífico metro, and the Atocha and Mendez Álvaro train stations. The Freeland Innovation Center has committed itself to nurturing collaboration among professionals in the city and have recently taken their commitment a step further in trying to combat unemployment through the Turning Point Challenge. Sponsored by the US Department of State, this month-long program hosts debates and workshops with experts to help young entrepreneurs nurture their work in Freeland’s Coworking Space.

As a coworking space, Freeland provides a rich gamut of facilities and services, from virtual office space to fixed and flexible desks as well as private offices and all the management, legal, and accounting advice you would need in your line of work.

Address: Calle de Gandía, 1, local 9A, 28007 Madrid

Hours: Mon – Fri 9:00 am – 8:00 pm

Phone: (+34) 912 77 41 60

Google rating: 4.8 (132)


1-day trial available

Virtual office at € 55/month

Flexible desk at € 125/month

Fixed desk at € 235/month

Office suite at € 550/month

5. The Shed Coworking

The Shed Coworking
(Credit: The Shed Coworking)

The Shed Coworking is a result of the dedication and efforts of Carlos Llerna, Gonzalo Navarro, Kepa, Manuel and Martina D’Ercoli, each of them bringing years of experience in the corporate world to life through this collaboration. Much like the shedding and growth of new antlers every year, this team believes professional and personal change is essential for us to reach new heights.

The Shed Coworking aims to support their coworking community with the right space and support to undertake their personal and professional development without a hitch. The space is easy to access, located just 10 minutes away from the Goya station in Salamanca. Their coworking space boasts impressive clientele, with employees from organisations including Slim Pay, Go Fund Me and Hootsuite.

The Shed hosts a wide range of events and activities for their members, including themed breakfasts, member discussions, and arts and language courses to further your skills. You can pick your space from a variety of coworking spaces and private offices and make use of impressive meeting and training rooms while working here.

Address: Calle Hermosilla, 48 1º right, 28001, Madrid

Hours: 24 hours

Phone: (+34) 910 82 10 72

Google rating: 4.6 (92)


€ 15/day

€ 50 for 25 hours/month

Flexible desk at € 180/month

Fixed desk at € 250/month

Offices at € 550/month

6. Spaces Coworking

Spaces Coworking in Madrid
(Credit: Spaces Coworking)

Spaces is aptly named, covering an incredible 428 locations all over the world, with six of these found in the Spanish capital and three more on the way. This coworking organisation aims to maintain a positive, rejuvenating vibe in every space it operates, inviting boundless energy and creativity into the surroundings.

There is never a dull moment to be felt here, with regular professional and recreational events keeping the air flowing with a lively buzz. Their friendly and helpful staff are always on hand to support your backend activities while their expertly designed, dynamic workspaces allow you to drive your business forward with maximum efficiency.

Spaces Coworking in Madrid hosts a total of 168 dedicated desks, 560 private offices, and 27 meeting rooms across its six locations, subject to availability, so be sure to contact them beforehand to confirm their status in real-time!


Calle de Méndez Álvaro, 20 (South/Atocha)

(+34) 919 05 30 00

Paseo de la Castellana, 200 (North/Chamartin)

(+34) 919 04 70 00

Calle de José Abascal, 41 (Central/Chamberi)

(+34) 901 84 87 87

Calle de María de Molina, 41 (Central/Salamanca)

(+34) 919 05 11 00

Calle de Alfonso XII, 62, 2nd Floor (Central/Retiro)

(+34) 910 76 70 00

Calle de Manzanares, 4 (Central/Centro)

(+34) 910 48 31 50

Hours: 24 hours

Google rating: 4.4 (68)



Full month at € 194/per person

5 days a month at € 93/per person

10 days a month at € 118/per person

Fixed desk

€ 230/per person, full month

Office space

€ 230/per person, full month – € 300/per person, full month (depending on branch)

 7. WeWork

WeWork in Madrid
(Credit: WeWork)

WeWork started in 2010 with one space in New York City. 10 years later, WeWork has over 800 locations across 120 cities, including four in Madrid and two more coming up shortly. Today WeWork spaces bring people and organisations of all shapes and sizes under the same roof, creating an environment that offers flexible solutions to workers, with a focus on maintaining the highest standards of safety and hygiene.

As an established leader in the coworking marketplace, WeWork provides an incredible community experience through recreational activities, courses and interactive sessions for members throughout the calendar year.

WeWork offers a variety of coworking spaces to choose from, while also making meeting rooms and private offices available for your needs.


Francisco Silvela Street, 106 (North/Chamartin)

Paseo de la Castellana, 77 (North/Tetuán)

Paseo de la Castellana, 43 (Central/Salamanca)

Eloy Gonzalo Street, 27 (Central/Chamberí)

Hours: 24 hours

Phone: (+34) 919 01 76 50

Google rating: 4.4 (95)


250-270/month for a fixed workspace

Not sure about your coworking space yet?

If you still feel the workplace of your choice was missing in the list above, no problem! Here are a few more coworking spaces in Madrid that were just as good but missed out by a whisker.

1. Impact Hub

Yet another global network of coworking spaces with locations in both Madrid and Barcelona, catering to more than 7000 members in all.


Alameda, 22

Gobernador, 26

Piedmont, 23

Serrano Anguita, 13

Plaza Pablo Ruiz Picasso, 1

Javier Ferrero, 10

Phone: +34 911 924 854

2. Cool Inquieto

Ideal for those of you looking for a calm place to work, with minimal distractions. Located centrally, making it easy to access.


Calle de Loreto y Chicote, 2

Phone: (+34) 915 46 61 62

3. B2Work Territory Coworker

Bustling and expansive, B2Work has everything you’d need in a coworking space, right from the tech support to the 130 workstations spread out over three spacious floors.


Calle del Dr. Esquerdo, 170

Phone: (+34) 910 100 760

4. GoMadrid

Centrally located and housed in a historical building, GoMadrid is the place to be for a complete Madrid work experience.


Calle Gran Vía, 39, Madrid

Phone: (+34) 630 65 17 25

5. Cink Coworking

Yet another space offering easy accessibility and a wide range of facilities, this branch is one of four in the capital region.

Address: Paseo de la Castellana, 194

Phone: (+34) 915 358 197


Build your community with Celebreak

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