If you’re running a business or in the process of starting one, then you’d understand the value of an office space that offers you more without hurting your budget. Coworking spaces make this happen and welcome you to a community of like-minded workers as a bonus! The pandemic may have disrupted office work and coworking for a while, but these spaces are now back with stringent safety measures that prioritise health and hygiene in the workplace.

As a community ourselves, we at Celebreak understand the importance of working with people on the same wavelength to expand your creativity and keep you motivated as you go about your work. So here is a list of the best coworking spaces in Malaga that offer you a great place to work alongside a loving community with the highest safety standards in the city.

1. The Living Room

The Living Room Coworking Space in Malaga
(Credit: The Living Room)

The Living Room (TLR) has been a unique and unmatchable fixture in Malaga’s coworking landscape. Previously present in Alameda and Soho, TLR has closed the Alameda branch recently and they can now be found in Soho, just a two-minute walk down Calle Martinez Campos from behind the Territorial Administration of Justice on N-340.

According to Ben Kolp, Co-Founder of TLR, “In today’s modern work environment, are there any other places where people network, connect & synergise more than at coworking spaces? With The Living Room we brought the first international coworking space, always maintaining its charming family flair, to Málaga.” This is accurately reflective of what TLR represents in Malaga, with over 20 nationalities and 80 plus members operating from TLR today including employees from World Rugby and FrenchDesk.

With a keen sense of community, TLR conducts regular Inspiration Sessions where their members share inspirational thoughts with the rest of the family. TLR has an app for convenience, finger print access for security and operate with a slew of safety measures in light of the pandemic.

Address: Calle Martinez Campos 16, Entreplanta, 29001 Málaga

Hours: 24 hours

Phone: (+34) 951 395 819

Google rating: 4.9 (79 reviews)


Short term

€ 4 for 1 hour – € 90 for 1 week

Workation plan: € 300 for 1 week – € 750 for 4 weeks

Long term

€ 125 for 80 hours/month – € 165 for unlimited access per month

Free 1-day trial available

2. Innovation Campus Coworking Malaga

i-Campus Coworking Space in Malaga
(Credit: i-Campus Malaga)

Innovation Campus Coworking Malaga was set up around the beginning of 2018, when Emanuele Sisti, the founder, identified the influx of entrepreneurs and startups in the city without enough coworking spaces that carried the right balance of professionalism and a sense of community. “i-Campus was born with the idea to fill this gap, providing these people with beautiful and stylish workspaces, together with professional support and, above all, a great business-minded and international community,” he says. Whether you chose their central location in the Centro district or the scenic Terrace location by the port, i-Campus offers you everything from online courses to legal, accounting, and startup support and even web and web app design to get your business off the ground.

i-Campus houses 8 private offices and 80 seats to work from, hosting everyone from young entrepreneurs to employees from businesses like Leyton Tax solutions, Brite digital payment solutions, and BMCE Bank International. They have everything you could hope for from a community, with weekly ‘Coffee Brain’ sessions to spark creativity, over a hundred events including the last Malaga Startup Weekend, and they have even partnered with Celebreak for sessions out on the pitch!

Because of the pandemic, i-Campus has put their Friday night hangouts on hold, while ensuring the workspaces are up to the highest safety standards with protection screens and regular sanitization of hands and surfaces.


Centro: Calle Medellín, 3, 29002 Málaga

Terrace: Calle Puerto, 14, 29016 Málaga

Hours: 24 hours

Phone: (+34) 673 73 72 35 – (+34) 671 44 12 88

Google rating: 4.8 (44 reviews)


Hourly rates

€ 3/hour (Terrace pass) – € 4 (Coworking pass at both locations)

€ 6 (Half day Terrace pass) – € 8 (Half day Coworking pass at both locations)

Full memberships (Both locations)

€ 89/month (Day membership) – € 149/month (Unlimited access)

Flexi memberships (Both locations)

€ 75/month (7-day access) –   € 165 (18-day access in 3 months)

Short stays (Both locations)

€ 19 (Day pass) – € 115/month (2-week access in a row)

Terrace working

€ 8/month (Daily pass) – € 89 (15 days in 3 months)

3. El Circulo Family Coworking

El Circulo Family Coworking Space in Malaga
(Credit: El Circulo Coworking)

El Circulo came to be when a working mother wanted to work without being separated from her little one. Understanding this very fundamental need has helped Arantxa Grajal, the founder, to create a space that offers working parents and their children the best of both worlds. Malaga’s first cobaby coworking space presents an atmosphere that calms the soul and delights the professional all at once.

While El Circulo’s educator, Elisa Diaz accompanies your little one, you get to work without worry, knowing that your child is but a moment away. What is more, the coworking space is well-located, just a 10-minute walk from the Portada Alta Subway station in Cruz de Humilladero. The spacious 200 square meter workspace hosts more than 25 seats and 4 meeting rooms, a training room and a common area, aside from the cobaby room that entertains your child.

El Circulo offers numerous benefits and discounts on services with their collaborators, especially for young parents. Following the pandemic, they have also worked on creating a safer workspace with fewer entries, social distancing and more sanitization and safety measures in place.

Address: Calle Luis F Pallardo Peinado, 7, 29007 Málaga

Hours: 24 hours

Phone: (+34) 644 73 87 22

Google rating: 4.9 (33 reviews)


Short term plans (Weekdays, 9:00 am – 7:00 pm)

€ 15/day – € 150 for 100 hours (4-month validity)

Monthly plans

€ 83/month (Limited access + weekdays only) – € 150/month (Fixed station + unlimited access)

Cobaby Plans (Weekdays, 9:00 am – 7:00 pm)

€ 4/hour – € 210/month

4. La Aduana Coworking

La Aduana Coworking Space in Malaga
(Credit: La Aduana Coworking)

La Aduana Coworking (LACW) is a premium, centrally-located workspace that combines the best of coworking spaces and business centers to bring you a unique experience and boost your business in Malaga. The space offers a flexible work environment where you can work in a space of your choice that enables you to maximise your output.

La Aduana ensures your safety and security through fingerprint access, dedicated bike racks, and new improved safety precautions in the common area. Aside from a meeting room and tech-enabled services, LACW also helps young freelancers and budding entrepreneurs grow their business with professional advice on your accounting and other essential paperwork. LACW also provides ample space for corporate events with an eye on nurturing a sense of community and professional growth within their family of coworkers.

If you’re curious to see what the LACW experience feels like, they offer free one-day trials to interested prospects so you can visit them anytime you like. The coworking space is just a five-minute walk from the Malaga Museum down Calle Cortina de Muelle.

Address: Calle Cortina del Muelle, 11, 1st floor 29015 – Málaga

Hours: 24 hours

Phone: (+34) 620 69 72 49

Google rating: 4.9 (72 reviews)

Pricing: Flat rate €110/month (Free 1-day trial available)

5. Malaga Next Coworking

Malaga Next Coworking Space in Malaga
(Credit:Instagram/ Malaga Next Coworking)

Large coworking spaces with vibrant communities can have their advantages – they are a melting pot of individuals and ideas alike. They keep you motivated and inspired to create something special while you’re at work. However, at times, it can also be taxing for introverts with inadvertent distractions and more potential for noise.

This is exactly why Behsaad Ramez, CEO at Gerlent, Co-Founder at Digitalents.consulting and a former regular at The Living Room decided to start Malaga Next Coworking out of his own office space. Behsaad runs a homely and spacious setup in Cerrado de Calderón in the East on Calle Juan Cabanilles with limited members and fair pricing. The location can be reached via bus route 33 or by car.

Address: Calle Juan Cabanilles, 11, Oficina 106, 29018 Málaga

Hours: Mon-Fri: 9:00 am – 7:00 pm

Phone: (+34) 629 96 83 73

Google rating: 5.0 (1 review)


Basic – flexible seating: € 119/month

Advanced – fixed desk up to 3 days/week: € 149/month

Professional – Fixed desk every day: € 199/month

6. BeWorking

BeWorking Malaga
(Credit: BeWorking)

BeWorking is a spacious and economical coworking space to the south of Malaga on the Calle Alejandro Dumas, behind the Maria Luis Park. Their 60 workstations and meeting room are available at unbeatable prices and a variety of plans ensure you can use their facilities as per your choice.

This coworking space is perfect for budding entrepreneurs and freelancers in Malaga, not only with their economical packages, but also because they offer support through consultancy and marketing services to grow your fledgling business from the ground up.

The coworking space also offers classrooms for training and events that you would like to conduct. They also offer virtual offices where you can continue to work from home while registering your business with them and borrow their mailing address for ease of business.

Address: C / Alejandro Dumas, 17 Malaga Offices 29004

Hours: 24 hours

Phone: (+34) 951 90 59 67

Google rating: 4.7 (90 review)


Hourly rates

€ 1/hour – € 5/day

€ 5/hour (Board room), € 8/hour (Meeting room), € 10/hour (Training room)

Monthly rate

€ 25/month (Virtual office/5 days a month) – € 70/month (24×7 access)

7. GrowWorking Malaga

GrowWorking Malaga
(Credit: GrowWorking Malaga)

GrowWorking has a branch in Seville and one in Malaga, offering a brand of sleek, lean and modern workspaces with the all the facilities you would need to work with. This working space is located on Carril de la Cordobesa in the West of the city and just a few minutes by foot from the Ciudad de la Justicia Subway station.

The coworking space offers variety, from cozy, single working spaces to private offices for teams of 4-12 workers. GrowWorking safeguards your work effectively with storage space, video surveillance, and anti-theft insurance while also ensuring your personal safety with precautions taken in view of COVID-19.

Choose from an hourly subscription, a monthly plan for a fixed desk, or rent a private office space for your team. You can even book a 3-day trial to experience the facilities before you make your choice!

Address: Calle Kandinsky, 20, 29010 Málaga

Hours: 24 hours

Phone: (+34) 952 64 34 50

Google rating: N/A

Pricing (Inclusive of VAT):

Hourly access

€ 3/hour

Monthly access

€ 200/month (Fixed desk) – € 240/month (Dedicated desk)

Meeting room

€ 19/hour – € 150 (10 hours)

Training room

€ 42/hour – € 360 (10 hours)

(Note: All charges mentioned in the blog are exclusive of VAT unless otherwise mentioned)

Couldn’t find your ideal workplace on the list? We’ve got you covered!

Here are some of those awesome coworking spaces in Malaga that just missed the cut, but are equally great places to work at.

1. Coworking Málaga Centro

Neat and tidy coworking space in central Malaga, with a wonderful family of creative and brilliant coworkers.

Address: Plaza Uncibay 3, 1º Planta, Offices 2 and 3

Phone: (+34) 627 50 65 35

2. Area Cowork

Yet another fantastic coworking space in the same office complex as Malaga Next Coworking.

Address: Calle Juan Cabanilles 11, Office 106, Malaga

Phone: (+34) 952 64 39 10

3. Metropolitan Design Lab

MDL is located in the Centro district and offers a spacious work environment that works best for designers, architects, and other creative workers.

Address: Calle Alhóndiga, 6. 2nd Floor C and D, Málaga, 29005.

Phone: (+34) 659 571 277

4. DobleMitad Open Space

Doble Mitad has three locations across Malaga, one in the north (Olletas), one near the docks (Malagueta), and one in Soho. As a plus, they’re also a pet-friendly coworking space!

Address & Phone:

DM Olletas

Camino de Colmenar 7, Malaga

(+34) 684 368 764

DM Malagueta

Reding Walk 7, Malaga

(+34) 684 368 764

DM Soho

Calle Trinidad Grund 7, Malaga

(+34) 684 368 764

5. Dog Work Malaga

A nice and cozy coworking space in the center of the city, Dog Work offers economical plans by the day and hour.

Address: Huéscar Street, 5, Galaxia Building. 2nd Floor – Local 15, 29007, Málaga

Phone: (+34) 661 732 170


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