Alright, we all know the biggest and most impressive football stadiums in the world. Everything comes alive in a football stadium and the atmosphere is fantastic, you probably all know right? But what about the practice fields? This is where the team prepares for their great match. They bond, and they work really hard on those fields. As Nike’s slogan says: ‘’Success isn’t given. It’s earned. On the track, on the field, in the gym. With blood, sweat, and the occasional tear’’. We take a look at the top 10 training facilities of the greatest clubs.



10. AC Milan: Milanello Sports Centre

The Milanello training facility was built in 1963. It serves not only as an asset for the AC Milan team, but for the entire Italian football world. Even the Euro Cup Championship has made use of this facility. The training complex is huge, it consists of 160,000 meters of beautiful green training fields, including a large pine forest and a lake. Sounds like a holiday resort right? Well, the players actually work their asses of over here. 


gun__1367583966_colney9. Arsenal: London Colney

The Arsenal training centre, well known as the London Colney, is a training facility that opened in 1999. It was financed by the transfer of Nicolas Anelka to Real Madrid. So they lost a player, and built a wonderful pitch instead. The facility hosts of course the Arsenal professional team, but they have also place for youth teams and even the National English football team. Talking about international, the facility even hosted the American football teams like the St. Louis Rams, The New York Giants and the Miami Dolphins. They used the fields to prep for the NFL International series. Talk about a multifunctional place! 


Chelsea Training Ground- Cobham

 8. Chelsea: Cobham

The Cobham is one of the newer professional training facilities, opened in 2007. When they started building this facility in Surrey they had to go down a rough path. The building wasn’t allowed to be bigger than the surrounding buildings, so they built most of the complex underground. The main building has a turf roof, to help the complex blend in. The whole building is also eco-friendly. And you thought you had strict neighbors?


Everton Training Ground- Finch Farm

 7. Everton: Finch Farm 

The Everton F.C. football complex Finch Farm. Also known as The School of Science. In 1928 Steve Bloomer called the Everton league ”scientific” because of their style of play. They never lost the nickname. The facility has a special area designed only for goalkeepers. So…. Neuer, Navas, Hart, Cillessen and Buffon, you should really visit this place.   

Ajax Sportpark6. Ajax: Sportpark De Toekomst

Sportpark serves as the home ground for the first team of Ajax, Ajax Youth Academy, Ajax Women, Jong Ajax, and Ajax Amateurs. It also is the home of the international under-17 youth team, Future Cup. The Ajax Youth Academy is the world’s best known football youth academies. It produces aspiring young talents who become highly sought after by other top clubs. They trained wonderful players such as Edgar Davids and Johan Cruyff.


Manchester United Aon Training Complex5. Manchester United: Aon Training Complex

After a £180 million deal made in April 2013, Manchester United announced to change the name to Aon Training Complex until 2021. This training facility has tight security, secrecy and modern technology. If you want to visit the place, it is not going to happen. No signs or markings indicate its existence and all the entrances are guarded. More than 300 people work at the training facility on a daily basis. As a top team, Man U has all the amenities to train in peace.



Sporting Lisbon Academy

4. Sporting Lisbon: Academia De Alcochete

The Sporting Academy produces yet another top youth program. It has trained two Baloon d’Or recipients, Cristiano Ronaldo and Luis Figo along with numerous other football stars. It is the first and only European sports academy to receive a quality certification recognized internationally, and awarded by a Portuguese society. Sporting prides itself on its ability to raise young football players athletically and academically. It is not only a training facility, but also a great school.


Training- Barcelona3. FC Barcelona: Ciutat Esportiva Joan Gamper

The Catalan club’s training grounds are named in honor of Joan Gamper, the founder of the club in 1899.  FC Barcelona’s football first team moved to this facility on 19 January 2009 after 30 years at La Masia that is annexed to Camp Nou. The overall cost for this new complex was €77.5 million. Understandable, because the place consists of 5 natural grass pitches, 4 field turf pitches, 3 gymnasiums, 4 first aid areas, a pool, saunas, and many more. Unfortunately they are not hosting pool parties.



Manchester City Football Academy2. Manchester City: City Football Academy

This brand new football complex which opened at the end of 2014 cost over £200 million to complete. It is located just 200 meters from the Manchester City Stadium. A new feature included with the new complex was a pedestrian bridge. The Bridge provides a path connecting the neighborhood and users of the MCFC facilities. Manchester City’s rise to European greatness is large in part to big money improvements in facilities.



Training1. Real Madrid: Ciudad

Opening in 2005, Ciudad has remained the world’s top training complex. Nicknamed ‘Valdebebas’ because of the district of the city where the complex is located, the complex has an area of 1,200,000 m2. That’s more than 2.5x larger than the Vatican City. Immense right? The grounds have a series of tiers. The youth begin at the lowest levels in hopes of reaching the top tier field where the first team of Real Madrid practice. The training ground offers only the best for the world’s best. Everything is provided for Madrid’s pride and joy. 


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