The 1st of May, prepare your team for a very special tournament!

Win a 4 day trip to Cairo
Play a super final against the Egyptian Talents League winner

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This coming 1st of May, CeleBreak, in partnership with Talents Sports Company, will offer you the chance to win a 4 days trip to Egypt by playing a football tournament in Barcelona. How? 3 Steps:

1 – Register here and save a spot for your team (290€)
2- Participate in the tournament with your teammates
3- Go to the final… And win it!

If you complete these 3 steps, the best is yet to come. You will go to play a competitive game in Cairo. A super final against the winner of the Egyptian Talents league, part of a 4 day dream package available for 10 players including: 

– Flight tickets (round trip tickets)
– Accommodation including breakfast
– Sightseeing Tour
– Super Final Match against the league winner of Egypt
– Food and drinks covered during the final match

Have a look at the details of the trip below and register for the chance to be involved in the most exciting football experience you will have!

CeleBreak. Travel. Play. Celebrate.

The CeleBreak Tournament

1- day tournament of pure football on a top field with an amazing view of Barcelona.

Inscription fee: 290€ per team

All of our CeleBreak Tournaments are carefully organised.
It will take place in Montjuic, on the top of Barcelona, which creates a unique atmosphere and vibe whilst playing football. The sport complex offers all that you will need: shower, locker rooms, bar and the 3 fields have top quality artificial turf. The tournament takes place on Tuesday, 1st of May, holiday in Spain and in most European countries, so everyone should be free to participate! The CeleBreak Tournament is 7-a-side and each match lasts 20 minutes. You will play in a phase group and then in KO stage, which guarantee you to play at least 4 matches.

1st of May

11:00 - 18:00
4 Matches Guarantee

7vs7 pitches with new turf

3 Fields
Locker rooms with showers

Winner prize

4 days trip to Cairo
Super final vs Egyptian Talents

The Egyptian trip*


31st of May
  • Flight from Barcelona to Cairo
  • Bus transportation to the Hotel
  • Night in Cairo


1st of June
  • Breakfast at the Hotel
  • Sightseeing tour
  • Bus transportation
  • Back to the Hotel


2nd of June
  • Breakfast at the Hotel
  • Bus transportation to the field
  • Super Final Match against the league winner of Egypt
  • Food and drinks covered during the match
  • Bus transportation to the Hotel


3rd of June
  • Breakfast at the Hotel
  • Free day in Cairo
  • Flight back to Barcelona

*Available for 10 people

I am the target text.

Save a spot for your team here:

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For any additional info, you can write us per Email at or on WhatsApp +34722150688