CeleBreak World Cup 2018

What are you doing during the FIFA world cup?

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Compete for your nation in a 32 teams tournament during the official World Cup in Russia.

Between the 14th of June and the 14th of July you will play up to 7 games before the final and will try to win the most prestigious Football Cup. The Winner will win 10 gold Tickets to the CeleBreak Cup Valencia.

It costs 320€ per team. In case you have no team but would like to participate, you can also register as an individual player (32€) and we will put you in contact with other players from your country.

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How It Will Work?

The games

- The tournament will be a 7 a side competition taking place between the 14th of June and the 14th of July
- Each game is going to have 2 halves of 25 minutes, will be refereed and will follow the CeleBreak Rules.
- You will play at night on weekdays and in the evening on weekends
- We assure you to play on top fields in Barcelona with artificial turf, locker rooms and showers

Who can participate and how?

- Are you already upset because your country is not going to the FIFA World Cup? No worry, you can get your revenge here! Your country can replace a team who can't find players here in Barcelona... Welcome back Italia, Netherlands, Chile and USA!
- Pick a country in the list when you register. If your team is not in listed, the place is probably already taken. Send us a message in case.
- The tournament costs is 320€ per team. If you are an individual player, no problem, we'll find a team for you and the fee will be 32€

Planning football tournament

Program of the Competition

- The tournament will take place during the FIFA World Cup, you will be playing each game at least a day before the game your country is officially playing. Which allows you to both represent, and watch your nation during the competition.
- Since here, football is also about fun, we will be running a "looser round" which guarantee you to play at least 4 games
- The program will be communicated in advance

The CeleBreak World Cup

- Like the FIFA World Cup, they will be 3 games in a group stage, and then Knock Out stage starting from round of 16 for both top and bottom teams
- For the competitive teams, you could play up to 7 games until the final, and the winner will win a gold ticket to the CeleBreak Cup in Valencia for 10 players (1 day tournament in Valencia the 4th of August, parties and accommodation in an hostel up to 10 people included)


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