Don’t want to commit to a soccer team but still want to play soccer? Then CeleBreak is your answer.  We organize pickup soccer in Torrance available to everyone whether you are from Los Angeles or if you are visiting.   It’s super easy, check out our app, and start playing! 


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Why Join CeleBreak?

CeleBreak gives you the ability to pick games to join on dates, times, and locations that work best for you!  We know everyone has their own personal schedule which can conflict with soccer schedules.  There are also many people out there that simply want somewhere to play pickup soccer, but organizing a game can be difficult.  This is how CeleBreak came to be giving players a place to play whenever they want.  

How it Works

When you download our app, you will be able to pick your location, in this case you would click Los Angeles.  Once here, you will see the field locations as well as the dates and times that are scheduled.  Once you find a location, date, and time that you like, all you have to do is join.  In order to join however you need a Facebook account, if you don’t have one, just make one!  You do have to pay through the app which must be completed before the game.  Our organizers will be present at each game and will provide the balls, pennies, and the making of the teams.

Our Field

We play at the Torrance Batting Cages located on 2300 Jefferson St.

Torrance Batting Cages

*We also have fields in Santa Monica, Glendale, and West Hollywood*

Pick a game to join on our app and sign up.  We take care of everything else.  All the difficultly and stress of trying to organize your own games are finally over.