Are you trying to think of for the perfect team name for your squad when you join one of our tournaments or leagues? You know all the situation, you start playing an amateur football league, you gather your friends and the big question arises. How to name your football team? In our CeleBreak League we have seen many original, genuine, funny, but also boring team names. To make your life easier,  CeleBreak bring you the top 50 funny team names:

Top 50 Funny Football Team Names:

  1. Pique Blinders
  2. Kroos Control
  3. Ibe Got a Feeling
  4. The Zarate Kid
  5. Bacuna Matata
  6. Boom Xhakalaka
  7. Balotellitubbies
  8. Cesc And The City
  9. Show Me Da Mané
  10. The Amazing Sneijdermen
  11. Guns ‘n Moses
  12. ForEvra Young
  13. Who Ate All Depays
  14. Ayew Ready
  15. Absolutely Fabregas
  16. You Can’t Handle The Huth
  17. What Love Götze Do
  18. The Special Ones
  19. Neville Wears Prada
  20. Suarez Ate My Hamster
  21. Chiellini Con Carne
  22. It doesn’t Mata
  23. Out on Bale
  24. No Kane No Gain
  25. Nice to Michu
  26. Never Wok Alone
  27. Men Behaving Chadli
  28. Win or Lose, We Booze
  29. Lallana Del Rey
  30. Lads on Touré
  31. Ibrahimobitch
  32. AC A Little Silhouette of Milan
  33. Tea & Busquets
  34. Paralympiakos
  35. Schindlers Assist
  36. Game of Stones
  37. For Fuchs Sake
  38. Fenerbackache
  39. You Win Some, You Booze Some
  40. Happy Feet
  41. 2Good4U
  42. Gylfi Pleasures
  43. Expected Toulouse
  44. 2 Girls 1 Schlupp
  45. The Wizard of Özil
  46. Moves Like Agger
  47. Feeling Pitchy
  48. Martial Law
  49. Lucky Strike
  50. ABCDE FC

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