Are you trying to find football boots for your next match?  We got you covered!  Having a good selection of football boots is important so you can easily find what you are looking.  We at CeleBreak always go to places we know have amazing boots that help elevate our game.  With that being said, here are our recommendations on where we find are the best places to buy football boots in Frankfurt.


Outfitter Store, Frankfurt

This fairly new concept store offers products that you are looking along with an amazing atmosphere.  When you walk into this store you will instantly feel the vibe it gives off.   Outfitter is 510 square meters characterized by the true feelings of the inner city football pitches.  You can test the boots on integrated floor surfaces with tartan floor and artificial turf under real conditions so you can have a true feel.  They even offer the option to  customize Adidas boots and the ability witness it in person.  Besides the incredible atmosphere, many customers have commented on the fair prices and the friendly and helpful staff.  We found this to be the top place of where to buy football boots in Frankfurt due to it offering great boots and being an experience at the same time.

2. Karstadt Sports

Karstadt Sports Frankfurt

This two floor department store offers all the sporting goods you would want in one location, and of course offers football boots. You will have a chance of finding football boots discounted compared to non-department stores.  After you find your football boots you can find other gear you are looking for as well for football or any other sport.

3. SportScheck

SportScheck Frankfurt

Located in the city center, SportScheck gives you a variety of football boots and many more.  Many customers have left satisfied due to the friendly staff who offer great advice as well as their prices and sales.      SportsCheck, like many other department stores, contains various sporting goods which may interfere with the selection of boots.  However, you can still find the perfect pair at a perfect price.

4. Nike

Nike Store Frankfurt

The Eintracht Frankfurt football club consists of 56% of their players wearing Nike boots with Adidas boots following at 34.8%.  The Mercurial is the most popular model worn by the club.  However, according to Fox Sports in 2018,  the Nike Tiempo Legend VI was in the top three for the most popular boots amongst all professional players and the Nike Mercurial Superfly V came in number five.  Nike and Adidas are argued to be the top two football brands, so what better place to find your football boots than the brand directly.  The downfall however are the prices which are normally higher than you would prefer so definitely keep that in mind if you are trying to find a cheaper pair.

5. Adidas

Adidas Frankfurt

This Adidas location is a flagship store so you will be able to enjoy a satisfying atmosphere and selection when you visit.  Like all other brand name stores, you will most likely come across expensive boots.  As mentioned earlier, most Eintracht players wear the Mercurial but the Predator comes in second for the next popular boot of club.  Fox Sports collected data of 3000 pro players in which they found the Adidas X 16.1 being the most popular boot worn and the Adidas ACE 17.1 Leather following right behind it.  If you want the models the professionals are wearing then check out Adidas.

If you want to see all the specific models the Eintracht players use for each position then click HERE!

6. Intersport

Intersport Frankfurt

INTERSPORT spans across 44 countries with over 5’500 stores and offers multi-sport goods.  This one is located in Skyline Plaza in Frankfurt am Main.  Their website offers more of a variety so if you can check there as well.  Many customers have commented on their sales so if you are not trying to pay top dollar then give here a try. Their staff strives for offering great advice which many customers have commented on and enjoyed.

7. Decathlon

Decathlon Frankfurt

At this sporting goods store you will be able to find some football boots at great prices.  Decathlon offers Nike and Adidas football boots for the most part at cheaper prices compared to other stores.  Their website has some great deals off the top brands so if you do not what you are looking then give the it a try.  Since Decathlon is not a football boot specific store, the selection is not immense. There are three stores near the heart of the city which makes it convenient to find one near you.

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