Do you want to play Football in Barcelona?

Here are the opportunities to join the CeleBreak Women community!

Want to play women’s football? It is possible at Celebreak!

 For women it can be a struggle to find a good place to play football at a level that suits. CeleBreak created the solution. With our games everyone is able to play in a way that fits their preferences and lifestyle. We offer weekly pick-up sessions, a mixed league and fun-loving tournaments. At Celebreak everyone is welcome, all levels of play, to provide you the most sociable football experience Europe has to offer!

If you’re just looking to play football casually, we have weekly pick up sessions, where you can sign up and play the game you love with the people who share your passion. Every game has a dedicated organiser and all levels of play are welcome. It’s a great way to meet new people with similar interests and quite simply just have a good runabout! The main purpose here is just to have a good time, and what easier way is there to make friends than by playing football together and sharing a beer afterwards?

For those who are looking for something more consistent, we offer a mixed league. In this special league men and women play together in one team. It is a competitive league, but having a good time and making new friends is the most important thing. You can enter as a whole team with a group of friends, but also you can join an existing team! Despite being amateur football, the leagues have a professional feel to them with pictures taken at all events, video recording of matches, with highlights, top goal scorer standings and more, all being uploaded!

We also run several women football tournaments, ranging from a 1-day football tournament to a 3-day football festival! If you’re travelling with your teammates, why not enjoy some days playing football and party through the night in the hottest nightclubs the city has to offer!

Whether you live here, or you are just visiting Spain or Germany, there is always an option for you to play! Share your love of the ‘beautiful game’ with like-minded people from all over the world.

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