Amateur Women’s Football in Barcelona

If you are looking to play women’s football in Barcelona, look no further! CeleBreak now offers a mixed league, as well as women’s only pick-up games and tournaments on some of the best fields in Barcelona. If you are looking to make new friends in Barcelona or want to find other women who are passionate about football, join us by reaching out to us on WhatsApp at (+34) 722 150 688, like our Facebook page for updates, and download our app!

CeleBreak Mixed League

CeleBreak’s mixed league offers a great opportunity for women who are interested in playing with other amateur football players for a half season league every Sunday afternoon. The league has 18 matches, each with two 25-minute halves and on a 7 a side field. The first phase of the season consists of friendly matches, and the second part is league matches.

As part of the league experience, CeleBreak takes photos and video highlights of each match and posts them on our website and social media as well. After each match we get together for drinks to discuss football and get to know others in the football community. You also get a CeleBreak wristband that gives you exclusive access to Barcelona’s hottest nightclubs.

If you would like to play women’s football in Barcelona with a mixed league, visit our website (

CeleBreak women's soccer in Barcelona

Women’s Only Pick-Up Matches

CeleBreak now offers women only pick-up matches! This is a great opportunity for women looking to play football when it fits their  schedule and meet new friends from all over the world. The pick-up games are organized weekly by CeleBreak at different locations around the city. Women can play in any of the pick-up games organized for men, but they can also choose mixed sessions and women only sessions. With this, anything is possible!

Each week the schedule for games is posted online and you can attend any of the sessions that work best for you! We play on some of the best fields in Barcelona at convenient times. After each game we try to get everyone together for drinks to celebrate our community of passionate football players in Barcelona.

To sign up for pick-up games with CeleBreak visit our webpage at

women's soccer in Barcelona

Women’s Tournaments

Along with the mixed league and pick up sessions, Celebreak offers tournaments for passionate football players looking to compete, make new friends and party. Every 3 months, there is a 1 day tournament called the Mini CeleBreak Cup where players showcase their talents in a great atmosphere with music and good competition. Each match is 7 a side and lasts 20 minutes. To join this tournament, visit our website(  In July, there is another tournament called the International Summer Cup where teams all over Europe come to compete and party. After every tournament, CeleBreak offers drinks and free access to an afterparty at one of Barcelona’s hottest nightclubs. To learn more about this tournament, visit


Written by: Alli Stendler