Have you just moved to Barcelona and looking for things to do? If so, the capital of Catalonia and the second-most populous city of Spain is the perfect place to immerse yourself in a life that moves you. The city is one of the world’s most visited tourist attractions, with almost 20 million arrivals each year. Cultural landmarks, outdoor activities and local cuisine are some of the most popular to do things in this beautiful city on the coast of north-eastern Spain.

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Top Things To Do no. 1: CeleBreak Pick Up Football Barcelona

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You can find a full guide on how to become a part of CeleBreak’s Barcelona football community here.

Top Things To Do no. 2: City Tours

Exploring the city and its surroundings is probably the first thing that comes to mind of a tourist or a recent expat. Thus, signing up for various city tours is arguably the best way to delve deep into the city’s life and its culture. Being the cosmopolitan capital of Spain’s Catalonia region, Barcelona is renowned for its fascinating architecture, with plenty of must-see places to visit. There are a large variety of tours you can sign up for, including fast track tour, bike tour, sidecar tour and bus tour.

Fast Track Sagrada Familia Guided Tour

We start with the most reviewed and popular tour in the city of Barcelona – the fast track Sagrada Familia tour. On your journey, you will explore and admire the UNESCO World Heritage Site’s most attractive features, such as the altar, towers and stained glass windows. More importantly, a fast-tracked skip-the-line ticket allows you to sail past lines that are often overcrowded with people, meaning you will not waste any of your precious time standing in a queue. Full details about the Sagrada Familia tour can be found here.

Barcelona City Bike Tour

Discovering the beautiful scenery of Barcelona without getting stuck in annoying traffic sounds ideal for active travellers. Thus, travelling on a bike at a leisurely pace proves to be ideal for the city’s explorations. On this tour, you will visit Barcelona’s top attractions, including La Sagrada Familia and the Arc de Triomf. During a 3-hour long journey, you will cycle along designated cycle paths that will guarantee you a pleasant driving experience. Full details about the Barcelona City bike tour can be found here.

Side Car Tour

A very unique way of exploring the beautiful city of Barcelona and visiting its places is a side car tour. It is a private tour by motorbike or sidecar, meaning that you will have a professional guide next to you driving in his own car. It is a fantastic choice for first-time visitors or couples, as you will be guided through some of the lesser-known places and top attractions of Barcelona with your private guide, ensuring you do not get lost. Full information about the side car tour can be found here.

Bus Tour

One of the most convenient and time-saving ways of exploring the rich fullness of Barcelona is a good old city bus tour. Since Barcelona is the second-largest city in Spain, discovering its wonderful surroundings can take a lot of time and be extremely tiring, especially during the summer. You will be hopping-on and hopping-of depending on the place you want to sightsee. On the bus, you will receive an audio commentary, which is available in multiple languages, to fully immerse yourself in the context of the tour. A full guide on Barcelona sightseeing tour by bus can be found here.

Top Things To Do no. 3: Art, Culture and Cinema

After exploring Barcelona and its outer surroundings, it is time to dig a bit deeper into the city’s culture. The city is highly famous for its art and architecture, therefore visiting some of the places and venues is a must for any Barcelona traveller. Cultural and art centres, historical landmarks and outdoor cinema are some of the cultural activities you can get involved while in Barcelona.

Cuevas, Montserrat and Codorniu

The tour starts at Hard Rock Café in Barcelona before heading off to the Montserrat Mountains. Once arrived, you will enter the heart of the Montserrat mountain in the eye-catching caves. Outside the mountain, we will head to the old monastery and Gaudi’s place of sacred worship. The tour will be ended with a fantastic trip to the oldest winery in Spain, Codorniu. You can read a full guide for this trip here.

Flamenco Show

Do you want to visit the historic Barcelona City Hall theatre and watch a flashy Spanish flamenco at the same time? Then, you need to book your seat immediately, as this Spanish night show is not to be missed. You will enjoy passionate guitar, dancing and singing performances in an hour-long show. Full details about flamenco show in Barcelona can be found here.  

Art and Wine

Art and wine are usually seen as two complementary features for its relaxation purposes. The art and wine class in Barcelona will serve you this double purpose in the most relaxing atmosphere you could have only dreamt. The most important note to take is that you do not need to be an artist, with an art teacher always here ready to help with every step of your way. The truly fascinating news is that you will even be allowed to take your own piece of work home with you. A full description of the activity and details can be found here.

Outdoor Cinema in Barcelona

Cinema is one of the cultural activities that most people feel extremely enthusiastic about? But have you ever thought of the idea of enjoying a sunset and watching an emotionally grabbing movie at the same time? If so, we have marvellous news for you! There are five outdoor cinema theatres in Barcelona, where you can watch all kind of movies, from modern genres to timeless classics. A full cinema guide can be found here.

Top Things To Do no. 4: Outdoor Activities

There is nothing better than spending recreational time outdoors to clear your mind and feel refreshed. Barcelona is one of the most sporty and active cities in Europe; thus, there are loads of activities you can get involved that will calm you down and energise at the same time. Thanks to Barcelona’s natural diversity, there is something to fit everyone’s taste.

Air Ballooning

One of the best life experiences a human can have is to observe the world from the sky. A hot air balloon ride is exactly the type of outdoor activity that will stick in your memory forever as you float over the most fascinating areas of Barcelona. This ride will give you access to views that you would never be able to see otherwise. You can read more about a hot air balloon ride around the province of Barcelona here.

Barcelona Sailboats

From the sky to the sea. Barcelona is arguably one of the best places in the world for exploring the glorious nature of the planet from different angles and sailing is one of the activities that can give you a new perspective. A cooling sea breeze will allow you to escape the city noise as you sail along with the beautiful scenery of Barcelona next to you. You can choose from 2 to 4-hour long private sailing trips, dipping into the calm water of the Mediterranean sea. You can read a full guide of the trip here.

Spain Games

Have you ever watched a TV show called Total Wipeout and wondered how cool it would be to participate? Luckily for you, Barcelona has just introduced its newest and most fun activity just like the original version you see on TV! The Spain Games allow you to compete against your friends in a variety of games and challenges, including Total Wipeout, sumo suit fighting, water slide and many more. You can read more about this cool adventure here.

Barcelona GT Tours

Are you a car and motorsport enthusiast? If so, we have marvellous news for you! Barcelona is one of the cities that offers this fantastic possibility of becoming a real racing driver even if just temporarily. The GT Tours company rents one of the fastest racing cars on the planet, such as Ferrari F430, F458 or a Lamborghini Gallardo, which you can drive in the circuit of Catalunya-Barcelona. More details can be found here.

Top Things To Do no. 5: Food and Drinks

One of the highlights of your stay in Barcelona is its local cuisine. It boasts some of the best delicacies and beverages in the whole of Europe let alone Spain. Barcelona distinguishes itself from other parts of Spain, meaning you must try its local dishes when you come to visit this gorgeous place.

Mercat de la Boqueria

The most popular food market in Barcelona that sells some of the best and freshest fruits, vegetables, meat, seafood and much more. Reasonable prices, an unbelievable variety of food and a great all-round experience full of colour, smell, noise and activity. You can read more about Barcelona’s most visited fresh food market here.  

Barcelona Food Tour

After visiting the Mercat de la Boqueria food market, a traditional tapas tour of Barcelona will provide you with an authentic culinary experience. On the tour, you will visit numerous classic and contemporary Barcelona restaurants, which will serve you with free samples of food and drinks. You can find more about the tour here.

Additionally, Barcelona has plenty of wonderful restaurants to visit, where you will have a chance to taste some of the best Mediterranean food on the planet. You can find a full list of the best restaurants in Barcelona here.


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